Road to Rio

Creator: Maria Farshchian
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
Road to Rio follows several American Athletes and fellow colleagues in search for Gold and fame .
Synopsis: ROAD TO RIO

The show:
Road to Rio follows a group of elite track and field athletes as they prepare for the biggest stage there is - The Olympic Games, Rio, 2016. We document their daily struggles, personal sacrifices and rigorous training of mind and body in their quest to perform at their peak during the long road ahead. These men and women won’t accept defeat; the stage is set and it’s time to put their lifelong dream into practice – to perform on the grand stage and win a medal for their country.

How the story will be told:
Road to Rio is a docu-web series that will unfold in 5-minute weekly segments. The series chronicles the Road to Rio for the athletes that train at Star Athletics, an elite training camp in Orlando, Florida run by Dennis “The Green Machine” Mitchell, 9-time Olympic and World medal champion and his wife Damu, world-class hurdler and now mom of a newborn.

Thirty (5) minute segments will be ready to air in Spring 2016 that feature behind the scenes events that unfold as the athletes and their coaches prepare for the Olympics in Rio. We follow the personal and professional lives of the athletes and their coaches, including their family life, position battles and even jokes and pranks that they do to each other to relieve the tension. Key events leading up to the Olympics include the World Championships in China and the Olympic Trials in Oregon. The series will have unique access into the daily lives of the athletes and their coaches and will follow the personal sacrifices not only they but their families have to make as they strive for excellence and challenge themselves to achieve their lifelong dreams.

Key track and field events:

-World Championships - August 22–30, 2015 - Beijing, China

-Paralympic 2015 World Championships – October 22-31 - Doha, Qatar

-Olympic Trials – July 1-10, 2016 - Eugene, Oregon

**2016 Olympics - August 5–21, 2016 - Rio, Brazil **

-2016 Paralympics – September 7-18, 2016 – Rio, Brazil

Featured athletes:

JUSTIN GATLIN, American Sprinter
Self-proclaimed “fastest oldest man” 33-year old Justin Gatlin has a lot to prove. After winning Gold in Athens in 2004 he suffered a doping scandal and was banned from the sport for four years. But he made a comeback to win silver and bronze in 2012 in London and in 2014 he not only ran a personal best but posted five of the six fastest 100m times. He also had his contract with Nike reinstated, after being dropped after the doping scandal. Never one to do anything in half measures and with a reputation of being a wild man, he’s pulled himself up from the bottom before and is determined to do it again. As Justin himself claims “I’d say I’m the guy to beat right now.” And judging by his performances this year, he’s right.

LAVONNE IDLETTE, Dominican Republic Hurdler
Number one in the Caribbean for 2014, Lavonne is determined to stay that way all the way to Rio. A 2012 Olympian and semi-finalist in the 2013 Worlds, her biggest challenge right now is staying focused on her athletic career so she can win a medal for her country. Lavonne’s accomplishments are varied and many – she has a bachelors in Finance, an MBA and a Juris Doctorate. She also owns a beauty salon in Fort Lauderdale and is known to change her hairstyle and color on a regular basis. An ex-girlfriend of Justin’s, they now share a healthy competition and she claims to have beaten him in chess in three moves once.

RICHARD BROWNE, American Sprinter and Amputee
In 2010, attempting to take refuge from a storm, Richard slipped in a laundromat and crashed through the front door glass, shredding his leg. Fourteen surgeries later, it had to be removed. Now, he’s the fastest one-legged athlete in the world, having beat Oscar Pistorious in London in 2012 and one of his dreams is to smash the 10-second barrier as an amputee. He wears his lucky tights every time he runs and is a family man at heart who skypes his kids before every single race. He’s also determined to cross over and run with the able bodied one day because, as he says “I don't care if you have one leg, two legs, three legs, four legs – running is running. I have to drive my knees and pump my legs with as much force as Usain Bolt, Justin Gatlin or anybody else who is an elite sprinter.”

Kaylin Whitney has exploded onto the scene as the fastest woman ever under the age of 18. Life has changed dramatically for this teenager since she ran the faster ever 100 and 200m by an under-18 woman. She’s now turned pro and signed with Nike on her 17th birthday.

Her best friend and staunch supporter at the training camp is an up and coming hurdling star, Ashley Miller, who is currently 13th in the world junior rankings for 2014 100m hurdles.

The stakes are high for both of these women at a critical time in their careers. As fellow teenagers who just want to party with their friends sometimes, they are invaluable to each other in helping each other stay the course.

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    Creative Notes:
    The Show can be based on one Athlete in search for Gold while facing backlash and notoriety. Classic story of the Comeback Kid, with Justin Gatlin, USA Olympian.