Family Fun Fantasy Football Sundays

Creator: Sean Connolly
Age rating: 13 and older
The worst team in the NFL (rights certainly required) hires the best fantasy general manager, to be their next real general manager. He's been secretly winning with the help of his all-female family though and, has to bring them to work to convince others of his vision.
Synopsis: Greg Grey grew up playing backyard football with his family and friends in Cleveland, Ohio, fiercely loyal to the local pro team which never wins. All his father's friends play fantasy football with each other, for money, in complete view of the children and family time.

Many years later, Greg is a part-time financial advisor that is a stay-at-home dad the other part of the week. Since his wife makes the moolah, a lot of Greg's interests have shown up in his wonderful and talented daughters. We don't meet the 25-year old daughter Greg and his had fresh out of college. But his bookworm-tween daughter writes an essay on her favorite football offenses. And the angelic 6-year old constantly engages in very unsafe physical behavior in the background, and never takes off her football helmet.

At a meeting of professional football owners, the owner of "the Cleveland Browns" overhears other football owners making fun of his losing football team. It bothers him on the flight home. The person next to him laughs when he hears where he works. He says he just works there. The person says "they have to do something drastic."

Rose waits for the owner, who comes in solemn. He can only talk about the laughing. She asks about the business matters. She asks about financial projections. He can only think of the laughing. He says, "you know all those crazy ideas you've had, over the years? Like, the ones that were always good but crazy? Let's do those." Stoic and professional, Rose honorably and humbly accepts the challenge, ending with, "I love you, Dad. I'll make sure it works."

Greg comes into work. The playboy advisors (young and old) crack "boys club" jokes about the news report that Rose is creating an "American Idol for General Managers" for the Browns. Greg enters his history of fantasy football with friends data, and it's found that week-to-week, he put together some of the highest scoring line-ups when compared to the thousands of other amateur competitors. The other champions are either computer nerds themselves, or hire computer nerds. Greg admits his athletic eldest daughter wrote the software code that build his system, and that his tween-bookworm daughter cuts and analyzes the game film. Charmed by this story, the public and Rose choose Greg.

However, once she gets him behind closed doors, she locks him down hard on an unfavorable contract, and chuckles after pressuring him into a bad deal. She tells him to walk it off, like a boys club member. He feels bad, but smiles for his opportunity.

Because of how he got picked, the 31 other general managers, who all worked their way up the same insider ranks, and agree to treat him completely unfairly.

Since he can't trade players for sensible dollars like he planned, he tries to work with the coaches to find out if they can change the schemes so he can have spending flexibility in the market. They refuse to help because he'll only be there a year.

His wife advises him to be hisself. The coach and his advisors (one offense, one defense) he goes back to his financial advisor roots, and tries to more deeply understand the goals players have for their financial future.

Greg points at a bunch of numerical tables that he made with his statistics-savvy daughter. The coaches just flat out disbelieve him and leave the presentation.

Humbled, he flies to the NFL draft in New York, where we meet his daughter, Kate. Previous to the draft, Kate meets the others for the first time, even though they've been working together for months. She's very tall, athletic and charming.

When in the draft, Kate unveils a new way to look at the numbers. She's connected all the statistical information to a realistic football video game. In this way, she can finally *show* the argument her father's been making to the others, by creating game tactics that could exploit an unusual type of talents that were collected at a good price. The coaches and owners immediately jump on board, and it because a tense situation when everyone realizes they are competing head to head with the perennial best team in football, the New England Pilgrims.

They celebrate getting the last pick the Pilgrims coveted. It is learned that Kate played wide receiver in high school, won track sprints in college, and now rows crew as a grad student at NYU. They can tell she knows vast amounts of football strategy, and Rose realizes she can make Kate a wide receivers coach, like three other teams have recently hired female positional coaches.

CUT TO: In a highly computerized "war room," professional football researchers and execs lament losing their last pick and argue about how each other messed up. The camera pans to the sinister coach, Bill Bellychecks, who squints. Turns to a chart of team logos, arranged in order from Least to Most fearsome. Everyone quiets when moves the Cleveland Browns logo up to Medium.

Kate snatches a pass out of the high air, and, the young receiver it was meant gets in her face about stealing his ball. He doesn't get she's a girl for a bit, and then, when that computes, he instantly retreats to a nice boy, walking away, trying to apologize for his behavior.

Greg has a good idea.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Sean's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The original version is a typical single-male hero pleading his case of analytics to dumbed-down executives with football-smack comedy. I worked hard to instead create a safe and delightful experience for the family of four coming to this PG-13 movie. The 25-year old graduate student daughter catches the first female NFL touchdown ever captured on film. The script is QUITE piecemeal, be warned :)