Creator: Renee Ivie
Age rating: 17 and older

A pair of lifelong rival British brothers lead cavalry units against each other in the final bloody months of the American Revolution.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: William Seaton, the younger son of a recently deceased British Earl, is forced into the priesthood by Robert, his vindictive older brother to permanently remove him from Katherine, an Irish chilhood friend the older brother secretly covets.

The Vatican trains William as a Maltese Knight. By the time he reaches his mid 20s, a now seasoned battle veteran, William departs the priesthood to reunite with Katherine. Robert learns of William's return and suceeds in abducting Katherine to the Virginia colony during the winter of 1781.

William, onboard a French Privateer, pursues Katherine to Virginia, escaping from British capture along with a French Cavalier, during the Battle of Cape Henry. While on the run William joins the Continental Cavalry under the command of the Legendary Lighthorse Harry Lee.

William leads raids against Roberts men, initially to recapture Katherine, but discovers the freedom he seeks for himself and Katherine lies in America.

1781 culminates in a battle that ushers in the final Battle of Yorktown; thus, opening the way for another action packed sequel film.

1781 is has strong non stop action and portrays the Revolutionary forfathers as the daring, youthful men they were during the era of the War for Independence, as opposed to the elderly men so often seen in their later portraits.

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  • Script 1 - Renee's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    1781 is a well researched script that honors historical accuracy without compromising action and adventure. Fictional characters are interwoven with actual events and legendary historical figures from the American Revolution. During research, I studied the memoirs of Lighthorse Harry Lee & Banastare Tarleton, as well as made trips to Colonial Williamsburg & Yorktown, VA to consult experts.