Creator: Randy Caba
Age rating: 13 and older
Unwillingly thrust to parallel universes whenever he steers right, a geeky-nerd teen tries to right his crazy world. 
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Kevin Knarly is one troubled teen. And his psychiatrist is about to prescribe anxiety meds. But fixing his head is not what he wants or even what he needs. For Kevin's problem is multi-dimensional - every time he turns his car to the right, he's thrust to another universe. But the really hard part is that nobody believes him.

He'd love to show everyone this freak turn of nature but one trip really has him scared. So don't expect him to go there voluntarily. And though his brother-dude, James McNutten, doesn't want to see his friend suffer driving everywhere turning to the left, he tries to help but to no avail.

Then when a near accident thrusts them both to an altered reality, even McNutten now must face the mind bending truth. So they seek help from their mid-life struggling, could-have-been-somebody, science teacher Mister Walsh. And on his chalkboard, Walsh holds a possible answer. A potential solution to all their woes.

But maybe his solution isn't the answer to all their problems. Because McNutten's got a groovy thing for new girl, April. And her thug of a boyfriend, school wrestling champion, muscle-headed Kagan, has got a thing for both our misters McNutten and Knarly. And it's not a good thing. Not a good thing at all.

Can Wahl's experiments help Knarly find a better universe? Is McNutten even capable of getting the girl? Will Wahl ever be published scientifically? Or will selfish, bully Kagan blow up all their best made plans?

Best read multi-layered MultiVerse to find out. Then watch out. Because this is a multi-script and the sequel has arrived!

Latest Work

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  • Video 2 - Comedy Storyboard Animatic
    Creative Notes:
    Early rendition of script earned Honorable Mention at filmmakers and the Top 3 at zoetrope. Had a blast researching dialog for this project. Thanks to several Google SketchUp artists for their public contributions
  • Video 1 - Comedy Storyboard Animatic
    Creative Notes:
    Awaiting codec fix to better quality. Early rendition of screenplay earned Honorable Mention at filmmakers in Top 3 at zoetrope. Had a blast researching dialog for this project.
  • Script 1 - Randy's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Universal Theme - Human bonds surpass even the boundaries of the universe.
    Details – 92 lean pages – budget minded - sequels – potential for series – placed in Top 3 at and received Honorable Mention at
    Concept – When we face our fears, we surpass our limits.
    Genre – Teen Comedy/Adventure.
    Tone - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure goes Back to the Future.