Creator: Adam Beal
Age rating: Everyone
Ever had a really big dream? What if it came true? Sam is a young boy who dreams of being a superhero. On his tenth birthday the imaginary gives way to reality and he becomes one.

Rated "CONSIDER" by Austin Film Festival.
Synopsis: A small boy with a big dream, Sam dresses up as a superhero, Adventure Boy, in his bedroom rescuing his toys from the dreaded Teddysaurus. Sam meets his best friend Hannah and stands up to “The Doug”, the meanest, nastiest kid in school. The Doug swears revenge. Meanwhile, unsettling things are happening with time. A strange being, Time Stealer, removes 24 hours of time causing everyone to unwittingly miss a day. Sam senses something has happened but can’t quite describe it.

Next day, 10/10, is his 10th birthday. Sam wakes to find he has become Adventure Boy. Indestructible and able to fly he now sports a ‘10’ birthmark. After attempting to fly and crashing through the roof, Mom panics and decides to “get you a shot or something.” Driving distracted, she spins out ending up teetering over a bridge. Sam rescues them just as the car plunges in the river. After a hair raising flight, it's clear practice is much needed for his new powers. After several humorous mishaps, he learns to fly and, more importantly, land. It’s also time to get back to school. As Mom says “You can save the world when your homework is done.”

Clad in his new Mom-made costume, Sam embarks on his first night as a superhero. His daring exploits are soon embraced worldwide and fan clubs set up with adults and children alike wearing underwear on the outside.

Time is stolen again and Adventure Boy confronts Time Stealer who immediately treats him with derision: “What is it with you people and your underwear?” “It’s a hero thing.” Time Stealer then reveals they are from the same place. Sam refuses to believe this and they clash in a revolving restaurant in the sky. After a breathtaking cat and mouse chase under, over and through freeway lanes, Time Stealer just proves to be too strong. As Sam is retreating, Time Stealer reveals the ‘9’ birthmark that he got on his 9th birthday. They are from the same place.

Sam wonders “Who am I?” Scared, confused and deeply fatigued, Sam wants to quit. During a heart to heart talk revealing his adoption, Mom explains even Sam’s late father, a police officer, got scared at times. She gives Sam his Dad’s police badge and encourages him to ‘Serve and Protect’. He once again dons his costume to search for the villain who has kidnapped Hannah as bait.

Time Stealer goes to the center of time, the Prime Meridian Line in London, to “steal it all”. They battle in the pounding rain before Time Stealer escapes to the giant minute hand of Big Ben. He sings “Time is on my side” as he bounces on the hand. This causes Hannah, who is tied between two giant cogs inside the clock mechanism, to inch closer to being crushed. A suspenseful confrontation involves Hannah’s brains and Sam’s brawn as Adventure boy prevails.

Fast forward to 11/11, Hannah’s 11th birthday. A new “11” birthmark tells us she too has become a superhero. One difference: Hannah flies like a bird on her first try. After all, she says, “I’m a girl.” Fade to black and end credits. We fade in again on December 12th as another boy turns 12. As a ‘12’ tattoo appears on his chest, he stares at the bedside table he has just decimated. The Doug smiles.

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