Mr. and Mrs. Santa

Age rating: Everyone
It's Mr. and Mrs. Smith - minus Brangelina. The world's most famous couple is having domestic issues. On Christmas Eve, Kris Kringle struggles to find a way back to the North Pole after an incident instigated by his unhappy wife finds him stranded in inner city Los Angeles.
Synopsis: Ever wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Claus have the perfect marriage?
Ever wonder if Mrs. Kringle feels neglected during the busy holiday season?
Well, in Mr. and Mrs. Santa, find out just how desperate a housewife can be…at the North Pole.

The Santa Claus legend is turned upside down when a frustrated Mrs. Kringle sabotages her husband’s Christmas Eve journey in a desperate attempt to get him fired.

M.A.M.S. is a comical, yet heartwarming family fantasy tale about betrayal, revenge, and redemption...seriously. In this updated version of the Santa tale, the man we know as Santa Claus has retired and moved to Florida with his wife. The daunting task of replacing him has fallen on the shoulders of his physically fit, health-conscious son, KRIS KRINGLE XIII, who doesn’t fit into the role of Santa at all, let alone the Santa suit. Kris’ equally fit wife, KRYSTAL KRINGLE, wants him to focus on starting a family, but Kris wants to prove to the village and his father that he is the right man for the job.

Feeling betrayed by his decision, Krystal “inadvertently” sabotages the annual Christmas Eve flight… his last task to prove he’s Claus-worthy. Her plan backfires as "Santa-In-Training" Kris, becomes stranded and left to fend for himself in a seedy inner-city neighborhood. Kris finds a friend in emotionally lost, young runaway, SKYLAR SIMMONS. This young teen is struggling with the death of her mother and acting out by rebelling against her father. Resistant at first, Skylar warms up to Kris, eventually learning to trust him. He provides the father figure she needs and with his help, she begins the process of accepting the loss of her mother. In return, Kris leans on her street savvy to help him navigate through numerous unexpected obstacles.

With time of the essence, Kris must get back to distributing toys or risk tarnishing the image of Santa Claus in the eyes of all the children of the world, potentially destroying the Spirit of Christmas forever.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Thomas L.'s Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I am a writer of horror and drama screenplays. The original version of this story was conceived as a holiday horror script. A couple years ago, my baby sister had a baby of her own. I decided to change the concept completely because I wanted to have a project that my niece could watch one day.