The embryo who came in from the cold

Creator: Ganit Orian
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
5 IVF embryos embark on a journey to find their mother
Synopsis: Based on the writer's personal experience with IVF treatments.

An animated dramedy that merges reality and fantasy, accompanied by dreams, songs and dances, that follows five frozen embryos in a fertility clinic, that have suddenly found themselves thawing due to technical difficulties. Although the embryos are siblings from the same mother, they each have a different sperm donor father and therefore, due to paternal genetic make-up, each is endowed with super-powers in different areas.
The embryos are:
1. Alpha, the son of a German scientist, a Nobel Prize laureate.
2. Lewis is the son of an African-American Olympic gold-medal winning athlete.
3. Testo is the son of a famous Japanese super-model.
4. Raoul, the son of a great humanitarian, a Righteous Among The Nations.
5. Barry's father is an anonymous student of Political Science who donated his sperm to a bank in Holetown. Barry initially feels inferior to the others but quickly discovers that he has better leadership qualities than they do. Barry becomes the leader of his brothers. He is the most determined to get to his mother, not least of all because he is the only one who doesn't know the identity of his father.

The embryos aspire to be born and so decide to find their mutual biological mother and discover why they never reentered her womb. They go on a journey overcoming both their minute size and the fact that they can't survive for very long outside of a human body. On the way they have many adventures, meet with other embryos and find themselves in all sorts of dangerous situations, both inside and outside of human bodies.
They learn about themselves and each other and learn to love and respect each other, in spite of discovering that there isn’t enough room for them all in their mother's womb. When they do find their mother, they are surprised to learn that she has a child. Each of the embryos reacts in a different fashion, some are unwilling to abandon their biological mother, while others favor finding a different mother altogether.

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