Creator: Erik Woods
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
A series about a woman who has slipped into a catatonic coma. Her husband struggles with what to do next.
Synopsis: Stephanie and John recognize each other from their alma mater while both are hiking alone in a park. They soon fall in love, and become engaged.

A little while after Stephanie accepts John's proposal, Stephanie's mother commits suicide. John discovers mental illness runs in Stephanie's family. Due to the immense stress and pain caused by her mother's suicide, Stephanie soon begins showing signs of having paranoid schizophrenia, herself. She begins suffering from insomnia, and during sleepless nights, she hears voices.

She eventually confides to John what is happening, and he takes her to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist confirms their suspicion that Stephanie is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, and the doctor prescribes powerful medication to keep the illness under control.

Stephanie becomes dull and slow to think and react on the medication. She sleeps much more, and she eats too much. She gains a considerable amount of weight. Instead of working through the side effects of the medication, she secretly stops taking it. A few weeks pass with no sign of her illness coming back, but, after a party where she and John drink too much, she has a vision.

The vision is of an angel who informs her that she is pregnant with the second coming of Jesus Christ. The angel warns her that no one will believe her if she tells them, so she must sneak away at the next opportunity and move to Israel.

John comes home the next day to find his fiancé gone. Upon further investigation, he finds a one month old prescription pill bottle still almost full of pills. He realizes she has run away.

Later that day, he receives a call from the police department that Stephanie had been detained at the local airport for behaving erratically in the terminal. She is now in a mental hospital.

Several months later, and after much rehabilitation, Stephanie is healthy again. She and John get married. But, Stephanie decides to go off of the medication again for reasons similar to the previous time, and she winds up back in the hospital after a series of events which are no less dramatic than the previous mental episode.

After she is released from the hospital for the second time, Stephanie slips into a catatonic coma. Here, the audience sees scenes from inside Stephanie's mind, as well as events outside of it. John struggles with what to do, and after several months of taking care of his severely afflicted wife, he decides to take her to a secluded place, similar to where they met, and leave her there, and disappear, himself.

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