On Lavender Hills

Creator: Inga Vosk
Age rating: Everyone
In a small town - Lavender Hills - live 2 best friends - Baa Baa Pink and Oink Oink Pig, where they work, fall in love and, of course, dream. The motto of the series is "Only imagination lets us fly!" These are lovely musical cartoons about love, friendship and imagination.
«Only imagination lets us fly»

Small silent animated series (5 min. each) about a very unpractical and living in her dreams pink sheep Baa Baa. Every day she goes to music school to teach children, but in her imagination she is a singer on the big stage. Because of her dreams Baa Baa gets into troubles. Her friend Oink-Oink pink Pig, very practical bank-officer, and her beloved friend Jack helps Baa Baa all the time. But in many cases impracticability of Baa Baa finds the best way of problem’s solving.


BAA BAA – pink sheep, music teacher for children, very unpractical and living in her dreams. Very kind and gentle. Like sweets and like to cook. Wants to be a diva. She is cold all the time even on summer. She is the only character who wears boots and hats all the time. She drives on an old-style bicycle with very big head wheel. Wears retro clothes. Her hobby is kite skying.

OINK-OINK – pink big, bank officer, very practical, Baa Baa’s friend. Wears bank uniform. She is always on a diet. She walks all the time to be in form. Her hobby is knitting.

JACK-ALL-TRADES – horse, who works at repair service all around the town. He is in love with Baa Baa, but she doesn’t understand this. He drives on a carriage motorbike with

KITCHY-KITCHY-KOO – fat and angry cow, a chief of the music school. She is in unrequited love with Jack and she is jealous to Baa Baa, trying to hurt her. But if fact she is really unhappy single cow who wants to be like Baa Baa. Her hobby is playing cards.

BILLY GOAT – rock super star, frontman of the group «Blind Love». Baa Baa admires him, but he loves only himself. He makes up Oink-Oink, because she is rich and can help him in promotion.


Lavender Hills Town – small town on three hills. On one hill there is the music school, on another hill there is a big house, on the third hill there is a city’s entertainment and business centrum.

Episode 1. Birthday
It's Oink Oink's birthday in our musical cartoons Lavender Hills. And everything is going wrong! The cake and the skirt have been burned, the music is not working and, worst of all, her best friend Baa Baa has forgotten about Oink Oink's Birthday! But Baa baa has not forgotten; when out buying Oink Oink's present her bike is sabotaged by the angry cow Kitchy Kitchy Koo and it is a long way to Oink Oink's home. How can Baa Baa Pink get there? Imagination... and a huge bunch of balloons will become a transport.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Happy Birthday
    Creative Notes:
    It's Oink Oink's birthday. And everything is going wrong! Worst of all, her best friend Baa Baa has forgotten about Oink Oink's Birthday! How can Baa Baa Pink get there? Imagination...