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Creator: Don Edwards
Age rating: 13 and older
Set in April of 1973, this is a story detailing the events of an American secret moon mission in a race against the Soviets to investigate what appears to be a crashed extraterrestrial vessel on the moon's far side.
Synopsis: 1973.

Seismic probes left behind on the moon detect anomalous readings that coincide with the sighting of unusual lights by a Dr. Harry Sheldon from an observatory in Colorado. Following protocol, Sheldon reports his findings to NASA which is then sent over to the CIA given the possibility of a crashed alien ship on the moon. Special Agent Mary Ellen Coley is assigned to the case and after careful review of certain facts as well as the sudden amassing of two moon-capable spacecraft finding their way to the launching pad in Baikonur in the Soviet Union, Coley conspires with her supervisors and the President to launch a totally secret, black ops mission to the moon consisting of reserve astronauts Hollanbach, Reese, and Herndum to investigate the possibility of this crash and to secure any extraterrestrial technology from falling in to Soviet hands.

In short, the black ops mission is a success. The wreckage of an alien ship is discovered as well as information that proves to be foreboding to the future of humanity and the planet earth as a whole. There is also the discovery of Soviet spacecraft INSIDE the alien ship's wreckage by Hollanbach and Reese, as well as what appears to be the chewed remains of the three cosmonauts that had been the crew, which only adds to the mystery. Unfortunately, during the initial moon landing, some external damage was sustained to the craft, resulting in Reese making the decision to sacrifice himself in an effort to conserve fuel for breaking the moon's gravity and reuniting with the orbiting command module.

Hollanbach and Herndum return to earth as preparations are made to launch a rescue mission BACK to the moon to extract the astronaut left behind, as well as extracting more alien tech and some of the dead creatures initially discovered by Hollanbach and Reese. Using the information garnered about the Soviet vessel found in the lunar alien wreckage, agent Coley manages to secure a ride back to the moon with Hollanbach in tow. They arrive to find Reese dead from an apparent alien attack, and all evidence of alien tech and dead aliens completely wiped clean from the scene, leaving only Reese's corpse and the Soviet lunar lander there in the dead husk of what was once an alien spacecraft. In the midst of all this, Hollanbach finds a spherical alien device from Reese's cargo pouch, and manages to keep it hidden from the cosmonauts, returning to earth and getting it to Coley.

The sphere is discovered to be a "blackbox" type device, intricately detailing the history of the extraterrestrials and the planets they've been to. Calling a meeting of advanced nations to a location in West Berlin, Coley explains the results of the "Black Apollo" mission and activates the 3D immersive holographic viewing interface of the alien sphere, which shows the international delegates, in great and harrowing detail, the savageness of the alien creatures and they go from planet to planet in search of something, killing entire worlds and civilizations that get in their way. Seeing all this, the attending delegates make a pact to keep manned space travel limited to earth orbit and to keep sending out data probes into deep space to gather information in an effort to keep the planet and population safe from the attention of these creatures should they ever decide to return, hopefully allowing us time to arm ourselves with weapons and a strategy that would give humanity the decisive edge in a possibility of a future invasion.

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