Outpost Earth

Creator: Randy Caba
Age rating: Everyone
When a series of clone births threaten mankind with extinction, a hydrophobic investigator and his sassy sidekick submerge into international perhaps even universal Armageddon.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Seattle FBI agent, Nathan Moss has some ego. And his self-made lady boss would say he has too little humility. But no one, not even his sassy side-kick, agent Kemmer doubts his drowning hydrophobia - his morbid fear of water. And thus, following a televised department-wide embarrassment, Moss is exiled to Mexico to dig-in to reports of strange clone births.

His uneager investigation leads him to a meteorite collector. But it seems seemingly-simple Tomas has been collecting much more than just rocks. He's got a library of odd-looking metal chunks. Metal presumably not of this Earth. For Tomas claims they are parts from an old downed UFO and lately, he's seen peculiar lights in the sky too. Lights that pale even the great Northern Lights.

Then something new unfolds underwater. A strange submerged craft seems distinctly tied to the atmospheric phenomenon. And now submerged himself in icy ocean waters, Moss, in a do-or-die moment, must overcome his morbid fear of water and recover the strange craft that may hold a key to mankind's survival.

Outpost Earth is the since-untold story of Roswell. And how one man must overcome his greatest fear then defeat a radical government force hellbent on weaponizing a possible alien gene.

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