Creator: Randy Caba
Age rating: 13 and older
A man is wrongfully condemned to death. But when his accusers misjudge him, he escapes his fatal end. Now, he wants nothing more than to rescue his wife from a similar fate then take revenge on those that betrayed them.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: 300 years after Yellowstone Park erupts and hurls the Earth into another future, Colonel Jacob Connor and his family live in underground cities. But it's not by choice. Only the elite and the powerful live above ground.

But when his young squad is all but wiped out, the World Order Council deceivingly accuses him of treason and sentences him to death. Now, all he wants is to rescue his wife from a similar fate and seek revenge on those that wrongfully judged him. So, he cleverly escapes their fatal clutch.

But when captured by a tri-gender race, he befriends an alien who teaches him a potent new creed. And now driven even more to succeed, Connor absorbs strange bio technology imparting super powers including the ability to travel almost instantly through the universe. Then in a final cosmic battle, Connor rescues his wife and stops the demonization of mankind.

ForeDoom is the story of a wrongfully persecuted man and his zeal to do anything to clear his name and save his wife.

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