Back to High School

Creator: Daniel Hauger
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
When adult life failed to live up to childhood expectations, one man returns to high school in hopes of building a new life.
Synopsis: Going back to high school was Darren's idea for re-launching a more successful and connected life. What he went back to find would change everything.

Latest Work

  • Storyboard 1 - visualizing Daniel's concept
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    Creative Notes:
    using Storyteller to provide visuals to Daniel's original concept. some exposition changes: 1) Darrin's mom drives Darrin to work each morning, 2) Darrin becomes a basketball star rather than quitting the team, 3) an alpha male conflict on the b-ball team, 4) more focus on a love interest for Darrin, 5) the conflict of the under-aged stalker gets more attention
  • Script 1 - Daniel's Original Draft