Creator: Colin Jett
Age rating: 17 and older
With the rebuilding of a country torn apart, outlaws have become the New Law.
Synopsis: With the country picking up the pieces after a new age civil war, citizens were on their own. Postwar has created chaos and law has been reinstated. Cops now rule the land, but a Wild West mentality remains.

In the backdrop of the state's most prestigious department, a series of robberies threatens the
Detroit Police Department's legacy. Enter Officer Curtis Ames, an honest veteran and a passionless alcoholic. When he and his young, hottempered partner (Jimmy 'SixGun'
Devlin) stumble upon this gang of corrupt cops, Curtis decides to bring them to justice before he rides off into the sunset.

In this knock down, shoot em' up spaghetti western tale, Ames, Devlin and former officer
Knuckles Milloy embark on a heroic journey to try and restore the city's finest back to what they once were… true blue heroes.

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