Zoey Saves Christmas

Creator: Mark Tarrant
Age rating: Everyone
Zoey is given Santa's Christmas gift by mistake, and now it is up to her and her dad to get the puppy from Mrs. Claus and the elves, back to Santa and save his Christmas.
Synopsis: Zoey saves Christmas

A family fun filled film destined to be a holiday classic.

Zoey is an energetic nine year old who loves her family very much. So, when mom Heidi says she is being deployed overseas for the holidays, it destroys her. Now she'll be left at home with her dad Andrew, who isn't very good at anything other than making video games. He even burns the pizza. Zoey has her work cut out for her.

When a mysterious puppy ends up under her Christmas tree, she discovers its secret; it belongs to Santa Clause. After some convincing, she and her father take a road trip to bring Santa's puppy back to him. Along the way though, things get crazy.

The puppy runs away, Mrs. Clause and some elves try to catch to them, and somehow they end up in the International Snowball Championship fighting possibly the worst family in the world to get the cute little puppy back.

It becomes an all out war of snowballs and chaos, and Zoey is stuck right in the middle. This action packed family film is full of laughs, suspense, thrills, chills, and action, when Zoey Saves Christmas!

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