Creator: Maria Lennon
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Two couple friends trade places for a season. The 70-year old couple wants to tour America to follow their dream and their unemployed 50-year old friends go in their stead into a retirement home and find more than they bargained for.
Synopsis: Harve and Ellie are in their 50s. Both of them lose their jobs almost at the same time. They are discouraged, because they worked hard most of their lives, and they still struggle to make ends meet.

A truck hits an electric pole during a storm and a mild earthquake, the transformer blows out. The entire neighborhood doesn’t have electricity.

Elizabeth, the N.Y. lawyer daughter of Duke and Ruth, who are close friends of Ellie and Harve, is concerned for the safety of her 70 year old parents, and demands them to live in a retirement home, or she will withdraw her monthly support.

The two couple friends get together and plot a plan to switch identities for a few months.

Duke and Ruth would finally be able to cruise America on their flashing Harley Davidson.

While Harve and Ellie go into the retirement home in their place and Duke and Ruth would pay a monthly bonus. They also would have some time to find a new job.

Ruth knows a make-up artist at an L.A. studio, who works magic with body suits, facial masks and hair color and turns the look of Harve and Ellie into a 70 year old couple.

They check into the retirement home and make new friends: Nathan, a flamboyant male nurse; Margarita, a drop dead gorgeous Hispanic nurse; Roberto, the Italian chef, a retired mob cook; and some residents: Sophie, who has hats for all occasions; Walter, a crusty war veteran; Morgan, a New Orleans musician; Peter, a retired lawyer; Bea, the western cowgirl and Scarlett the oldest, 90’s, who thinks she is Scarlett O’Hara.

They also discover that the owner and the director plan to torch the place at an upcoming Mardi Gras Party with the intention to collect the insurance money and run off with it.

Elizabeth announces her visit to celebrate the party with Duke and Ruth.

Harve and Ellie email Duke and Ruth. They arrive at the home on time. The friends wear the same costumes and make-up that their cover will not be blown.

A hired crook lays a fire during the party in the boiler room which smokes out the house. No one dies. The owner and the director are found out and justice is served.

Harve and Ellie think they have lost everything once again, but her kindness toward a homeless person at her old job, was not forgotten.

Elizabeth is convinced that her parents are too young to go into a retirement home and she gives them her blessings to continue touring America.

The home is rebuilt bigger and better than it was before. Harve and Ellie found their new calling and work in the retirement home.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Maria's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This sometimes serious but mostly hilarious story is about relationships and sticking together even in difficult situations. I've edited several times to bring out the colorful lovely people in the story.