Chief Chef

Creator: James Barber
Age rating: Everyone
When Roux, a sous chef, is cheated out of the opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream, she is encouraged by her father to never give up, and step out on faith to make her dream come true by competing against the best chefs around the world for the title of Chief Chef
Synopsis: This lovable character comes to life in an animated feature film where Roux will realize she has a very special talent for cooking. Roux will face off with her old nemesis that is manages his sous chefs through harsh intimidation. Finally Roux will develop a relationship and realize her true talents with Petey, her mentor who proves to be an insightful and wise chef and mentor.

In this Utopian society Roux finds that that doesn’t necessarily mean that the world is fair. She has dreams of becoming the world’s best chef by winning the title of Chief Chef. She has spent her life learning to cook with her father who is a short order cook so that he can have time to be with his daughter.

She knows all the basics of cooking but relies to heavily on meticulous measuring to try and ensure a fast food type consistency in cooking rather than cooking from the heart and allowing each time to be an experience for the customer. When her mentor betrays her she has all but given up on her dream. Her father encourages her to chase her dream and be the first, and never let anyone put limits on her dreams. She takes a chance and moves to New Yak City to find that she has been hustled for her deposit and is now desperate for a place to stay and work. Luckily she meets a famous retired chef that allows her to move in with her and they become friends and almost family. He mentors her and teaches her how to cook from the heart, moving away from boxed recipes to unique creations.

She later encounters her old mentor that betrayed her and she puts everything on the line to prove to him, herself and the world that she is among, if not the best. When the story ends she appears to be busing tables, or the loser of the contest, as their side bet in the event she loss was to give up her dream of becoming a chef and settle for busing tables.

It is then revealed that Roux was taking pride in her new restaurant on opening night. Roux won the challenge, became the Chief Chef and is now operating her restaurant with her father.

The excitement for the children and their parents is the various skills and techniques that the various animals incorporate as chefs. Roux uses her pouch as a literall bottomless pit of tools of her trade. Her best friend Octavious (a land friendly Octopus) is able to utilize two limbs as legs and the other 6 arms independently to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Latest Work

  • Script 3 - James's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Included creative input from professionals that have reviewed the script.
    The various chefs, and judges would ideally be voiced by leading celebrity chefs.
    The characters have been illustrated to incorporate many of the well known celebrity chefs with the judges and chefs in the story to add to the authenticity and give adults someone to associate with.

All Work

  • Script 2 - James's 2nd Draft
  • Script 1 - James's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a Utopian Society where all the animals use aspects special to their species as skills.
    It is a coming of age movie with character evolution that allows Roux, the Protagonist to overcome insurmountable odds to achieve her dream.
    This is a family film and a great opportunity for parent-child bonding.