Reality Check

Age rating: Everyone
Blackmail and jealousy at an upscale rehab center are possible motives when murders start taking place and a broken-down tabloid reporter seeks to break the case and redeem his soul and his career
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Reality Check is the story of J-Rock, a world famous musician, quickly self-destructing beneath the toil of fame, aided by drugs and alcohol. His ex brother-in-law, Sebastian Marks, now heads a prestigious clinic in Bel Air. J-Rock (Jason Jambowski) seeks the aid of his old friend in an attempt to regain control of his life. When Jason meets, and falls for, Gloria Sanders, Dr. Marks' radiant assistant, he unwittingly becomes involved in a love triangle of sorts.

Peter Lincoln, a reporter from an entertainment rag who thinks there is a story brewing at the clinic and that’s before the first murder is committed. Paula Richardson, a Congressman’s daughter’s whose caustic lifestyle has caused him great concern, particularly since he is in the midst of a re-election campaign. And there is Simon, a patient suffering from an undisclosed ailment, who has his eye, and hands, on the lovely assistant director, Gloria Sanders.

Soon after Jason’s arrival, politics, blackmail, jealousy and anger all revolve around deaths that start taking their toll on the heavenly, Starlight Haven Retreat & Rehabilitation Center and its chief instructor. Soon the doctors, the patients and the staff all fall under suspicion, as well as fall prey to an evil presence that lurks around every corner of every corridor.

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