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Age rating: Everyone
Deception and betrayal are the keys when a writer becomes obsessed with the criminal world when he fails to come up with a follow up to his best selling novel.
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Synopsis: The taste of success to a writer on the best seller’s list becomes bittersweet. How do you top a successful first book without any ideas? Derek Richards has been riding the crest of his first novel for quite awhile but the wave has suddenly crashed down upon him and he needs to come up with a follow-up.

Derek’s wife, Anne is supportive but worried that the lifestyle which she has enjoyed could come crashing down upon her. She is supportive but doesn’t want to go back to struggling at this point in her life.

Steven Masters, Derek’s agent is always looking out for his clients as long as he gets his cut. When Derek isn’t producing the publishers get on Steven to make good on the advance money the equation suddenly shifts their relationship from friendship to business. Steven is a loyal friend…to money and Derek has become more of a liability rather than an asset.

As the pressure gets more intense for Derek he finds that escapism is his only solace. He starts walking around his neighborhood to escape the blank page that has been haunting him. One night in is late night walks he sees a man getting out of his car and dropping his wallet. His normal response would be to pick up the wallet and return it to the unfortunate person who dropped it but tonight something has changed. It the safety of the darkness, Derek slowly descends upon the wallet and puts it in his pocket and feels the rush of excitement he hasn’t felt in ages. The high from going against the grain has got his juices flowing.

As he sits in front of the blank screen the ideas flow like water. Derek may not be able to write another book but right now the idea of starting a diary of the evenings’ events has him overflowing with ideas. The next morning as he comes off the high of the night before he looks forward to his next evenings’ walk.

The next few nights he starts to take more chances and stumbles upon a crime in progress. The curiosity of watching a crime in progress for “research” just is too overpowering. After the criminal has left the scene of the crime Derek decides to investigate and then takes a souvenir of the visit for himself.

While he deludes himself to the idea of being part of the perfect crime something goes wrong and he finds himself caught up in a dark world very much out of his control.

In the meantime Steven, his agent is having his own conflicts with his wife, Rebecca who believes he is having an affair. Steven has enough problems trying to get the precious pages he needs to the publishers so he doesn’t gets sued for breach of contract with the publishers.

As things start to unwind for Derek and Steven, Evan Bronson enters the picture and ends up in a crash course with Derek. Evan, a small time criminal with a rap sheet as long as your arm makes plans to elevate his status in the criminal realm. Evan discovers someone watching him in his nightly activities and wants to find out why and put a stop to it.

As Evan and Derek become intertwined in a darkly nighttime adventure, Steven has plans of his own and plays everyone against each other. While the walls are closing in on Steven with his marriage and career he plans a way out.

Derek and Anne struggle to keep their marriage and lives intact while their world is about to implode. When Derek and Evan reach the boiling point, which one will walk away the winner?

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