Age rating: 17 and older
A young hero is determined to let his mother out of trouble. He strives to stay impermeable to pain imposed on him by enemies. His determination and focused effort enables him win the graceless struggle.
Synopsis: JAMES leads a graceless struggle to have his mother safe and free from trouble. He goes for a solo effort to search for her, though he has no idea of where she is.
James undergoes necessary suffering to know the truth of where she is. SAM lies to him that she was killed by a gang led by GEORGE, he strives to convince him, just to let James help him fight George's gang that's causing headache to him.

Sam does what is necessary to perfects on James, JOHN other BOYS revenge skills. James finds this unproductive and shares it with John. He decides to escape Sam’s trap and joins George's gang, who he believes that will let him know the truth.

George notices James’ skills, focused effort and determination for a worth mission, he too lies to him, and pretends not to know anything , just to win his effort for unworthy purposes.
James gets a clue that his mother is struggling in the custody and goes for her.

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