Blue Wolf

Creator: Richard Rone
Age rating: Everyone
A young Native American will grapple and scheme as he merges his delusions with reality to save the last wolves of Yellowstone.
Synopsis: In the year 1990 a young Native American boy named Hinto will grapple and scheme with his delusions and reality as he works to collect and live with the last wolves that stray into the park and make them the pack of Yellowstone. The wolf was eradicated from the National Park in the nineteen twenties in support of the Cattlemen’s Association and its powerful leader T. Art Kummer.
In his struggles to protect the wolf Hinto will be guided by his mentor the elder Indian Chief Bear Claw and helped by a young college student Megan Wolf. Haunted by the past of the wolf hunts and the slaughter of the wolf by the hundreds, all his attempts to bring the wolf back to the park will be met with strong resistance.
He will be tormented in his dreams and delusions and pushed in reality but will fight to have the wolf returned to Yellowstone. Hinto will show Megan the power of the pack and how the wolf plays a vital role in the overall health in the ecosystem of Yellowstone. Even upon his passing and in his memory, Megan will carry on and push till the U.S. Fish and Wildlife clears the return of the wolf to Yellowstone in 1995.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Richard's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The script is loosely based on the true events of the reintroduction of the wolf to Yellowstone National Park in 1995. The script takes place in one location, “Yellowstone Park.” It could be produced on a modest budget with a small cast.