Orange Curtain

Age rating: 17 and older
Hunted by both police and gangsters after a deal gone wrong, a crew of Orange County arms dealers scrambles to escape South Central Los Angeles on the eve of the Rodney King riots.
Synopsis: Aaron Keating's "family business" is unlike any other. Started in the 1960s by his father and uncle, it has been supplying illegal guns to anyone with enough money to buy them. Since inheriting the business from Uncle Russ, Aaron has proved himself to be a shrewd and persuasive negotiator. With the help of his lifelong friend Dillon Perabo, Aaron is making a killing "charming and arming" the worst kind of people.

But all "good" things must come to end. While working on assignment undercover, LAPD officer Chris Shaw inadvertently kills a teenage drug dealer armed with a fully automatic machine gun. Shaw knows whoever sold a kid a gun like that is the most dangerous man in L.A. But what he doesn't suspect is that the threat is located 40 miles south in affluent Orange County.

Meanwhile, it's becoming apparent to everyone but Aaron that their weapons have tipped the balance of power in Los Angeles' inner city. Worried about his connections to law enforcement and the attention the King beating controversy has generated, Dillon believes that it's time for his friend to "retire." The problem is that a big deal with L.A.'s most notorious drug dealer looms --- and notorious drug dealers are not the type to reschedule their appointments.

An explosive series of events leaves Aaron and company stranded in South-Central as the '92 riots erupt all around them. Trapped in a desperate situation, Aaron and his associates kill several people (some deserving, some not) as Los Angeles degenerates into chaos. Aaron, and what remains of his crew realize they are in a race to get out of L.A. before Shaw, the drug dealers, and half a dozen federal and local law-enforcement agencies come looking for them on their side of the "Orange Curtain."

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