64/8: An extra-ordinary comedy

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
64$ for 8 hours of work. This is the pay that TV and Movie "extras" have come to expect in their chase for stardom. In this unconventional comedy series we follow the lives of five quirky friends trying to hit it big in the new hollywood of the south: Atlanta Georgia.
Synopsis: Kyle Krab, a good-hearted, gullible, and enthusiastic background artist (extra) always dreamed of making it big as TV and Movie star. So far he’s still basically a blur on the screen. Kyle and tens of thousands of other Atlanta “extras” make their meagre living as the people “passing by”, people sitting in restaurants, or people filling in space around the main actors. They do it for a variety of reasons. Like Kyle, some believe they are bound to become rich and famous, some are desperate for work, some are old and lonely and others just need some new friends.

The series chronicles Kyle and a group of his unconventional and dissimilar friends as they navigate their way through the world of background "artistry". The first show concentrates on their time as they become “core” cast on the new office comedy pilot production “Totally Sarah”. You’ll meet Roland, the seasoned and bitter middle-aged grumbler who always has a come-back and a hatred for anything crew or actor related. Gala is a stunning somewhat overconfident model type who is always getting “featured” roles and special benefits. Then there is the anxious Wesley, who seems to always get overlooked and left in “extras holding” even though he’s always ready and prepared to get out on set. Anna is the logical and somewhat normal one, a house mom who is intrigued by the entertainment business and has time to do this while her husband works. She tries to keep everyone in line. There is also an array of colorful characters that you'll meet in this intriguing circus that is life on set.

We invite you to follow "the gang" as they traverse the strange world of background acting with all of the odd characters and strange situations that unfold. Stardom is just one step away! Or is it?

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