" The Dragon Never Dies"

Creator: farzin youabian
Age rating: Everyone
The gold stolen from Chinese goverment.
Synopsis: It's very nice day in California full of sunshine and JOHN LION alcoholic drinks Jack Daniels and snorting Cocain he was sitting at his house . When he was a kid he loves helicopter the view of the house had a view of Helicopter the Ninjas attacking John Lion after he kills them all he take over the helicopter. He has a plan to rob the Jewelry mart at downtown Chinatow he kills the office manager and steal all the gold. The gold was belong to the Chinese government

He flies the Helicopter to the lake forest to meet his partner in crime MAY-CHAW . The deadly sisters JUNE and JUDY are after May-Chaw and her son BRUCE she is an old woman that knows kung-fu very well after all the fighting her partner in crime John Lion kills her.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - farzin's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Log line The gold gets stolen from Chinese government along with drug dealers interrogation with police and after all the killing and assassinations the gold gets returned to Chinese government.