"Going Out a Champion" The Coach Joe Ellis Story, Movie

Age rating: Everyone
A coach who brings the Surry County High School Boys Varsity Basketball Team to win the Virginia State Championship while battling colon cancer.
Synopsis: "Going out a Champion" opens as the true story about Coach Joe Ellis, who made headlines in
2005 when he coached the Surry County High School Boys Varsity Basketball Team to win theVirginia State Championship while battling colon cancer. After an action packed, standing roomonly, basketball finals open, the story rewinds to highlights of 1971 when Joe Ellis was a record breaking star basketball player at L P Jackson High School, now known as Surry County High.

In the 70’s, high school sports was a favorite pass time in Surry County, Virginia, like Motown
Music. It was also the time when Joe Ellis and the Cougars were making sports headlines and
setting new records in high school basketball. During basketball season, people would be
bragging about the latest game at the street corner stores, in business offices and at Church. Infact, people in Surry County couldn’t stop talking about the time when Joe scored 35 points in aquarter- final district game against Charles City High School. LPJ was trailing by one point with six seconds left when the Coach called a time out to design the final play of the game.

When the ball was passed to Joe, he drove it toward the basket and threw up an under-handedlayup. According to sports writers, the ball rolled from Joe’s fingertips, around the rim, and into the basket as the buzzer sound off. LPJ had won, and the crowd went wild! Joe not only had mesmerizing skills like that on the basketball court, he also had an unforgettable smile that would melt the hearts of most people he meets, that smile is how he met Doris Ellis.

Doris Ellis was a Lady Cougar who played on the girls varsity basketball team. Their friends sayshe and Joe were destined to be soul mates having the same last name, plus they both wore thesame number 24 jersey. As a lady Cougar, during away games, while riding the bus, Doris had plenty of time to keep her eyes on handsome Joe. He also had eyes for her too and would let it be

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