Age rating: 17 and older
The disturbed, crippled son of a four star General steals a state-of-the-art military combat suit that transforms him into an elite killing machine. The F.B.I.'s best, Detective John Tate, chases the killer across the country in a desperate effort to end his killing spree.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Suit, a piece of combat equipment so advanced it transforms the soldier wearing it into an elite killer, has been stolen from the man who developed it - General Nick Morris. Morris is murdered and the suit disappears for years. Now four years later a killer is on the loose, murdering state to state, only in the month of October. He's killing in ways authorities have never seen, and it's believed he's been wearing the suit.

The FBI's best detective and General Nick Morris' oldest friend, John Tate, is charged with the task of hunting the killer down. However, he's not the only one on the the killer's trail. A young up and coming reporter named Anastasia Greenman is ambitiously tracking the murderer as well. John and Anastasia's paths collide when they both become personal targets of the terrifying killer, now dubbed by the media "The Fedora Killer."

On Halloween night, while scores of teens Trick'R'Treat wearing the killer's infamous suit, Tate and Greenman fight for their lives against the seemingly super-human villain - and Tate discovers the horrifying truth about the man inside the suit.

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