The Millennium Man

Age rating: Everyone
A lone, centuries old soldier zealously guards the secret location of the Fountain of Youth as discovered by Ponce de Leon.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: A supermarket tabloid story relating the sighting of a five hundred year old man sends a scientist on a dubious quest to St.Augustine, Florida, where he soon finds himself hot on the trail of his elusive quarry.

Real trouble begins when the pharmaceutical conglomerate the scientist works for gets wind of this discovery, and they in turn hire a private security firm (mercenaries) to track this man down.

The scientist and the centuries old soldier soon team up to face down this threat while trying to find a way to use the secret of the fountain's waters for the good of mankind.

Woven into this action-packed thriller is a family drama about how this 'man of the ages' secretly interacts with his descendants in order to help them.

This "man of the ages" has experienced everything and had everything that life could offer over the centuries, but has come to realize that of all the riches he has had in his long life, it is his family that he treasures the most.

It’s also a meditation on time and aging with a strong moral base: Is it really so important to live forever? Or is more important to live your life well within your given time?

Franchise Potential: for sequels and/or a cable series exists in this simple but sturdy myth of a man who possesses the eternal waters of the fountain of youth. In the present he is pursued by sinister forces that wish to possess the waters for themselves. While in flashbacks that range over the last five hundred years, a rich trove of stories are possible where we see him helping out his descendants in their time of need, often times placing him at key points of history. In short, "The Fugitive" meets "Highlander" (without the sword fighting).

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