Fly Fishing With My Lord (Memoirs of a Gentleman’s Gentleman)

Creator: Phil Kane
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
The tell-all memoirs from the valet of Lord Wilcox, the jet-setting-playboy and fly fisherman.

Synopsis: The Lord and the valet's daughter fell in love with each other in their early teens but were seperated by their fathers. She was wisked off to America and he was sent to a boarding school.

The Lord when he became Lord traveled the world fly fishing, partying and womanizing while the valet cared for him, fished with him and kept him out of trouble.

When the Lord runs into the valet's daughter, now an artist, and married, in Greenwich Village in the 80's he gives up his womanizing ways and sets out to purchase all of her paintings.

The Lord took up many environmental causes throughout the years mostly saving fish habitat but also became a supporter and promoter of aids benefit concerts using his connections in the music industry to help him.

When the valet was older he got ill and the Lord cared for him until he died and then when the valet's daughter, now divorced, came to the memorial and the two were brought together again.

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