Wishful DragonCon

Creator: Kerri Shannon
Age rating: 17 and older
Magic at its funniest. Join a family of three, who attend a renowned comic convention, as they get pulled into a supernatural feud between two genies and two sorcerers. It's good verses evil.
Synopsis: So, you walk into a con and not expecting supernatural riff-raff? This is the con for you. For cast members I visioned for this movie; Naomi Grossman as the lead character, Hannah. Seth Gilliam as her genie sidekick and Robert Carradine as Hannah's comedic/protective father. Lily Rabe as the evil sorceress Sarah and Finn Wittrock as her brother, Todd. Naveen Andrews as the Djinn and John Carroll Lynch as the wise Sorcerer. Together, they will kick supernatural butt.

You have a family of three going to a convention, but happen to run into some unexpected trouble. Trouble from rebel sorceress and her sidekick brother, that is, who relies on a djinn to do most of her dirty work.

Hannah, the lead character finds both trouble and unexpected romance, who happens to be a sorcerer and the uncle of the sorceress. She puts her feelings aside, just to deal with Sarah and her brother, and to protect her family. The sorcerer, who's arrogant and has dealt with a previous situation with his brother in the past, also puts his romantic feelings aside to deal with family matters.

Sarah, the rebel sorceress, can't deal with the real explanation as to why her sorcerer uncle Charles, killed her father in the first place. As he mentions, her father was just plain evil and had to be taken down, to avoid the deaths of many. But, Sarah doesn't see it that way. She wants vengeance and will stop at nothing to get it. As for her brother, he wants nothing to do with magic, but stands loyal to his sister, no matter how crazy she is.

And let's meet the two genies. First on the scene, is Rynias. He's mostly Djinn, but trying to do some good. He originally belongs to the sorcerer, but Sarah is using him to purposely get her vengeance on Charles or anyone who crosses her. No one is safe with her around. Then there's Ermias, Rynias's genie brother and is very good. If you ever need a trusted and loyal genie to protect you, Ermias is your genie.

And can good magic overcome the bad magic? We'll see when sorcerer Charles enlists the help of Hannah, her father and twin brother, and a genie to help stop his evil niece and dangerous djinn. So, its about Hannah being in love, but protecting her family and Sarah is using someone to get to Charles to exact revenge.

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