Genre: Horror
Age rating: Everyone
The ultimate conflict of good and evil..the prize.: the soul of a little girl.Locations included somewhere in the South and, New Mexico and Arizona.A melding of horror and metaphysical. Empaths, psychic's and terror are the elements that make up RAYNA.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Rayna, (Xipaanes Stepchild)
Cameron Luch plunges through a nursery window in a hospital, somewhere in the South. Pam shares a child with him. Their child Rayna unfortunately is there as well, but didn’t actually see her father become a projectile through the window. Pam races down the stairs as she witnesses Cameron’s body impact the plate glass window. Her feet barely touch the steps of the staircase as she races towards street level.
By the time she reaches the street, the man she once knew is changed dramatically to more than just a memory and a puddle of blood. His body has aged rapidly! It seems as though while Xipaane was being a host in him that his molecular structure has changed as well. Pam is barricaded by police,unable to get to Cameron and hear his last words. Pam is repulsed by what is left of Cameron, as his body is being scraped off the ground and dispensed onto a gurney his diary falls out of its secret hiding place within his duster. Rayna manages to break free of Pam’s hold and recovers it.
She practically rips her away from Pam. Down the alleyway they run, but not fast enough to escape from Xipaane’s gaze. Xipaane the entity, has been watching the unfolding events, and has a very special interest in Rayna. For her full name was Rayna Inez Pattouche, but her initials spelled out R.I.P, which is very significant to him. He is drawn to Rayna, like Cameron was drawn to the OuiJa board!
Xipaane decides to do away with Pam, and Rayna witnesses it. Rayna vows revenge for killing both of her parents. Rayna , is discovered by a policeman named Paul McShield. He is empathic, and has clairsentience, and claraudience. Paul gets a glimpse, of Xipaane and has a difficult time trying to make sense of the fabric that has been woven. Paul McShield always has a hard time dealing with his abilities, and was a closet metaphysical practitioner.
Paul’s background is very unique as well. He is of American Indian and Scottish descent. Paul encounters Xipaane’s wrath when he tries to harm Rayna. That’s when all hell breaks loose! Paul gets in touch with his friend Constance. She is of American Indian descent and is aware of Paul’s spirituality. Paul entrust’s Constance, that will be better recognized as Little Feather’s. Her formal name would be Little Feather’s Dream Catcher. The struggle begins for Rayna’s soul as the powerful forces of good and evil pull Rayna in different directions.
Little Feather’s get’s to rediscover her American Indian heritage, and discover so many things that she is never aware of before. Rayna’s very presence causes unforeseen catastrophes. There are spiritual pilgrimages, and travels that would begin in the south, and touch base in the mid-west,New Mexico and eventually Arizona. There are more twists and turns in this story that a desert sidewinder! Little Feather’s becomes involved intimately with another character named R. W. , short for restless wind. He was a maverick, and a half-breed too. He too is of American Indian descent.
Soon everyone discovers that there is more to Rayna than meets the eye.

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