End Qwick

Creator: Prince Smith
Age rating: 17 and older
An irrational, psychotic, vindictive and sadistic villain only has one pursuit in his life. That is to wreak havoc on the heroes of this story who are equally as extraordinary as they are overlooked by everyone in their world.
If evil had a face, that personification would have a name. That name would have a character, and that character would be nothing less than the embodiment of evil and hell itself. That name, that character is Mr. Devlin Killz. This irrational and psychotic embodiment of all that is foul has only one pursuit in his life. That pursuit is only to wreak havoc on the six heroes of this story who are equally as unique as the names that they possess. They are Q, Kabe, Kace, Kaden, Kael and Kage.

Six characters, who have strengths yet to be fully exposed, will be tested as they embark on an unpredictable journey that will take them to the edge of destruction. Like a Phoenix, we will see them be reborn from the fires of pride and revenge but with more ferocity than Mr. Killz himself could have ever expected or imagined from this average looking group men.

This story of six brothers that go through a series of almost unrealistic events, will find a common thread that brings them closer than their blood ever could. It also fuels them with a fire to retrieve something that’s dear to them all, their family‘s good name. They brave threatening times and near impossible odds with the common knowledge that no-matter what comes their way, they can face it, beat it and turn any situation to their favor. Each one hones a specific set of skills, that when together, they prove to be a force to be reckoned with to the face of evil itself. A force that even with hells foul stench surrounding Mr. Killz, will prove it is no easy task to take them down and thereby ultimately showing that sweat, blood and family can and will stand strong against all.

What is this story truly about?

This story is of fire, strength, persistence, and the will to be more than the victim. The story will shine the light on how the predator can easily become the prey and not even realize it.

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