"A Beavers Tale or Justin to the Rescue"

Creator: Frank
Age rating: Everyone
A Film with Justin Bieber and a Canadian Beaver that Greets people into Canada (as seen on YouTube) Beaver gets Kidnapped Justin helps him return by way of a National Sightseeing and Concerts helping the needy. Fans will Jump for Bieber Concert(s) and a kooky buddy film.
Have you been trying to imagine the next Mega Box Office hit in 3-D? Well, here’s it is.
By now most people have seen the YouTube clip e about the guy tormenting his Dog about sandwiches he’s been making. He has another clip it’s just charming about a Beaver Greeting people as they enter Canada. The Beaver is in the middle of the road calling out to drivers by
“ Welcome to Canada, Welcome to Canada - Bienvenue!” its great.
I thought what a great springboard for a Movie in …yes…3 D !
The Plot goes like this,The lead character say..Justin Bieber is walking along Palisades park in Los Angeles, he’s coming from the pier and he hears a voice in the bushes “Welcome to Canada, Welcome to Canada” looking around he sees this confused Beaver. Justin approaches him and asks if he’s okay, the Beaver tells Justin he was kidnapped on the Canadian border by three men who threw a burlap sack over him on the highway and took him for a long drive, when they let him out of the bag he found himself in a locked room. The Beaver managed to escape but can’t figure where he is, he’s hungry and scared would Justin please help him.
Soulfully listening Justin tells him he’s in California at which point the Beaver faints, he’s never been to the USA. After a moments pause Justin tells him of course he’ll help, the Beaver needs to be back greeting people into Canada and it would be an honor to help him get home.
The bulk of the movie is Justin getting the Beaver back to Canada ( the far eastern part ).
The adventures ensue as Justin decides not only will he take the Beaver back but he’ll show him what he considers to be this Great Nations landmarks along the way, nifty places like “The Madonna Inn”; The Mystery Hill where water runs uphill; The Grand Canyon; Cape Canaveral and so on.
It would have the hook of a Bieber helping a Beaver and Concerts along the way Justin does to help people they meet.
Having CONCERT footage for his fans would ensure a big draw at the Box Office.
You can take it from there all in wonderful technicolor 3-D.

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