Streak Lights

Creator: rodrigo deveza
Age rating: 13 and older
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Synopsis: This is the story of a young man named David Collins, 20. A young upper-middle class guy, who lives in San Diego and just got into college.
David’s parents always worked hard and had to make many business trips for their high skilled jobs. Therefore, David was raised by a nanny, and received many gifts from his folks to compensate and to fill his parents’ absence.
Because David was used to having everything, he wanted as a kid, he grew up thinking that life was easy. He lives a carefree life growing up, and did not worry too much about his future. He thought that his parents' “had his back” which results in him having anything he ever wanted. He could buy expense cars, houses, clothes, and go out on many travels. He has a “Peter Pan” complex of thinking he will live forever and have his parents there to support him all of the time.
Over his first semester in school, David (who likes to be called DC), had a group of very special friends. Each of them had a specific talent. John Johnson (JJ) was very good with all sorts of mechanics; car, airplanes; you name it. Edward Lee (who calls himself as the "Sexy Kang" but everyone else calls him Kang)is a Nerd dude. But he also is great with all kinds of technology; hacking into things, computers, cell phones, the whole nine-yards. He tries to hide his “nerdiness” from his friends(but it doesn't work), and tries be the good-looking, cool guy. Lisa Lewis, is the girl in their group. She is beautiful and loves fashion shows and music. Elliot Owen (E.O.), is also fond of music like Lisa, he is sound technician and is an amateur DJ.
P.s. In the first part of our series, all the scenes are shot in first person (as if they were of seen from David's eyes).
Although each of David’s friends have a personality and a different talent, it was what they had in common that made them come together. It was the passion for adrenaline the fast life, and the making of innovative, things.
To keep their passion for the same things mentioned above always “hot” and burning and their youth always alive, they decide to get together, almost team or group if you will.

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