The Gifted- Wings.

Creator: Kieran Murray
Age rating: Everyone
Even now being different is still considered a crime, but when a teacher and his pupils are attacked it sparks war. Is it possible to win when the odds are against you? If good and bad lives in us all what will eventually triumph?
Synopsis: Since 2012 people with powers have been punished with death for having special powers. A brother and a sister (Annalise and Kieran) are separated when their parents are murdered by the Gifted Control Unit. Luckily they are saved by a boy who can teleport, Natan.
In the modern day, ten years after the separation an old friend of Annalise's warns her about the GCU and how they are closing in on her. When she refuses to leave, they have no choice but to see if they are known. During a hacking of the GCU, the school is raided and they are found out.
Some of the Gifted are captured and Natan and Mr Lagon, a teacher from the school, have no choice but to launch a rescue mission .
After the mission is a success, the leader of the GCU is murdered as the evil Gifted take over. Kieran refuses to help them so leaves. He sits in a bar as the Gifted drive by and are gunned down by an RPG. Kieran saves them. They clearly don't trust him. He agrees to train them that leads to an epic fight of mega proportions

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