Shadow Wars: Town of the Dead:

Creator: Wolfe
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
This is the first in a series of films. A group of college students working on a final project for their journalism class decide to go to a quarantined town which was the site of an outbreak of a disease called "Lazarus Syndrome". What secrets lurk in the town.
Synopsis: Abigail Winters is Journalism major working on her final project for her senior year of college. After her first project exposing Corporate Police abuses is turned down by her professor she struggles to find a new project. After a fight with Abigail her boyfriend Mark does some research and comes across the story of "Frick's Hallow" a town that was the site of a major outbreak of Lazarus Syndrome. The LS outbreak was quickly purged by the Dragon Corp Military which Abigail holds a special hatred for since she feels they are the reason her parents had died leaving her to take care of her younger sister. Abigail eagerly accepts this story as her project despite the reservations of her Professor so Abigail, Mark and their friends Jay, Kristine, Kevin and Susan go off to learn what really happened at Frick's Hallow.

Abigail and company go to a local diner and learn of a state trooper named John Darcy who was present during the outbreak. Initially Darcy declines to talk to the group and gives them the cold shoulder. That evening while the gang check their supplies and equipment for the hike into the outbreak zone a knock on the door arrives. John Darcy retells the horrors he saw the day of the outbreak and warns Abigail and her friends not to go.

Despite being warned by Darcy the gang decides to go off in search of the truth regardless. Parking their vehicle in a state park they make their way towards Frick's Hallow. As they draw near Jay finds the remains of a dead body which causes the group to pause briefly. After a brief discussion the group pushes on towards the town. Shortly afterwards Jay steps into a concealed bear trap breaking his leg and causing him to pass out. Unsure of what do to the group decides to split into two. Abigail and Mark head back towards the vehicle while Kevin and Susan move towards the town hoping to find assistance from any Dragon Corp troops in the area.

Kevin and Susan make it to a deserted farmhouse before being attacked by zombies. Kevin forces Susan to lock herself in the barn while he attempts to lead the zombies away. Kevin pays the ultimate price for his valor leaving Susan alone in the farmhouse. A pack of Zombies approach Kristine as she sits with the unconscious Jay forcing her to flee for her life. Meanwhile Abigail and Mark encounter zombies as well which seem to herd them back towards the town. As she runs away she encounters John Tucker. Tucker inquires to the whereabouts of the others before revealing what he and his Master are doing in the woods. Upon this revelation he sends zombies to kill Kristine. Eventually Susan hears a knock on the door and man named Viktor agrees to assist her. Leading her over to the farmhouse he drugs her and secures her inside.

As more zombies start to appear Mark makes a desperate attempt to delay the zombies enough for Abigail to get away and dies in the process. Struggling through the forest Abigail comes upon John Tucker who know has Kristine in tow as a zombie. After hitting Tucker in the groin Abigail runs away and stumbles in front of Wolfe. Wolfe gruffly moves Abigail behind him as he engages the zombies causing Tucker to run away in a panic. Wolfe then escorts Abigail back towards the vehicle but the pair stop when Abigail's cell phone rings. Vickor calls Abigail and tells her that he wants her and Wolfe to come to to the town or else Susan and Kevin will be killed. Sensing trap Wolfe tries to coerce Abigail into going back to the vehicle. Undeterred Abigail demands to go with him. Grudgingly agreeing Wolfe hands her a pistol and leads her towards the town.

At the town they are ambushed by a horde of zombies that Viktor unleashes. After fighting off the zombies Wolfe is wounded by John Tucker who runs away after nearly being hit by Wolfe. Tucker tries once more to ambush the pair but Wolfe get the upperhand and wounds Tucker. After interrogating him Wolfe offers Abigail the chance to get revenge on him which she is unable to do. After dispatching Tucker the pair move on to the farmhouse where Viktor is holed up.

Viktor hearing the gunshots getting closer runs out the back door of the building and runs into the woods hoping to avoid Wolfe. Wolfe leaves Abigail with Susan and pursues after Viktor. Viktor stumbles into one of his own bear traps crippling him and allowing Wolfe to catch up. Wolfe brings Viktor back to the farmhouse to recover the items he was contracted to find. Viktor grabs a hidden knife and threatens to kill Susan which Wolfe in turn wounds him further for his trouble. After recovering the items and executing Viktor; Wolfe offers to escort the women back to their vehicle. Upon arriving at the vehicle Susan sees Kevin and rushes forward. Susan realizes too late that Kevin is a zombie who then bites and infects Susan. Angrily Wolfe shoots both zombies and rips off his mask revealing himself for the first time to Abigail. Abigail asks if he is going to kill her now and Wolfe calmly tells Abigail that he is not that kind of person. After they say their goodbyes to each other Abigail drives off as Wolfe gives her a salute.

The End

Elements of a Combat Camera unit are dispatched with a Dragon Corp Hunter team to the Farmhouse. As they approach they are assaulted by a swarm of zombies.

Latest Work

  • Script 7 - Wolfe's 7th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Fixed errors, corrected grammar and polished up dialogue and action sequences.

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