The Adventures of Superhumorman

Age rating: 17 and older
Gay superhero from newly reconstructed Planet G with robots, droids, security boys, and intergalactic web finds an attractive Earth male with same fetish he has and demands a transfer via android space ship to look for his love. Story is based on comic series drawn by myself
Synopsis: Planet Galaxy is a space planet that has evolved quickly with the help of security boy nerds that have constructed self-thinking robots that have utilized science, high tech technology to control the planet from crime and disease. They even found a solution to anti-aging process which keeps the security guard boys forever young and any citizens that want the laser treatment for themselves.
Superhumorman, the last remaining working hero on Planet Galaxy because of his love for the security boys has found himself out of work due to the lack of crime cases and has resorted to living on work compensation and spends quality time surfing the known galaxy web base where he finds his true love intended on Planet Earth from searching his fetish preferences of pantyhose for men which he got from the security boys who wear the same garment as part of their uniform to comfort their legs on long patrols.
He puts in a transfer by android space ship which can transcend space portals to other dimension planets such as Earth and receives confirmation to leave within a week. During his continued research of his intended boyfriend he becomes highly aroused and is discovered by security boys which send a sex robot named JACC to attack the big guy which leaves him with a disability of a crossed eye because of the long arduous sexual procedure the robot took on him which left him sexually excited for over an extended time with eyes crossed in sexual excitement. Superhumorman then resorts to wearing fogged thick glasses to hide his eye status to anyone of which he can see out but nobody can see in.
The androids in charge with transporting Superhumorman to Earth decide to send robotic transmission to other machines on Earth to convert the new trend of pantyhose for men to a specific material that which Superhumorman finds most alluring to the touch and will adjoin him better to his sexual love affair with that fashion style.
The transport through the port holes to the other dimension is a success and the androids drop him off at point destination nearby where the love of his life lives in ComicTown USA.
They drop him off via space cloak in secluded forest and there he finds a local comic con in ending progress where he finds a young man giving oral to a standing superhero statue, and a local cop alerts him to get down off the statue. The young man falls to the ground and sees the bicycle cop in spandex shorts attractive and then proceeds to give him oral to distract him from taking police action. Superhumorman, meanwhile, appears in full uniform as superhero to blend with comic con festivity and rescues the young man from going any further with the cop. The cop thankful also returns the suitcase Superhumorman brought and the two leave together to Robert’s two story house of which he bought as successful manager at a video store called Videos-R-Us. There they start a lasting love affair and although Superhumorman hints as to being a real hero from somewhere else, Robert finds his tale as something made up to impress him with a fantasy tale.

The love & antics can be found in various cartoons situated in their home life on #TheAdventuresOfSuperhumorman home page on Facebook cartoon section.
This would be a rare case of neither DC nor Marvel comic characters turning gay orientation as this super hero from Planet Galaxy is equipped with that orientation from working with the security boys who share that same orientation.

Latest Work

  • Script 3 - ROBERT's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Instead of building new planet on Planet Galaxy the security boys opt to move everyone to newly constructed planet G. This version is X-rated due to explicit sexual scenes in total manuscript.

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