"Blessing Our Furies"

Creator: Mark Wagner
Age rating: 17 and older
To stop global terrorism, two bold, independent agents hunt and kill their ex-buddy, a sheikh attacking Africa... then America.
Synopsis: JAY COX and SAJIDA KALI are ordered by the President to assassinate the Sheikh inspired by his vision of Allah to save Africa. But Jay and Sajida fail to prevent an explosion of the Prime Minister’s palace in Tunisia by the Sheikh’s Hezbollah. Then Jay and Sajida attack the Sheikh at a racetrack, but their horses collapse in the sand as he trots away on his camel. Jay and Sajida lead the Rangers from their helicopters to fight the Sheikh and his Hezbollah attacking the Parliament. But the Sheikh escapes underground. As he prepares to launch six All-Star Laser Killers at America, Jay and Sajida use a drone to find the Sheikh and his Hezbollah at his Fortress of Glory in the Atlas Mountains. They fight every bloody step.

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