Truly, Simply Vera

Creator: Daniel Murphy
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
A cynical workaholic/lifer is given one last chance at redemption when he takes a young trainee under his wing while traveling on a business trip in New York City.
Synopsis: Warren Goldstein, a businessman working in a confined workplace is talking on the phone with a customer. In the midst of helping out the person, who's talking to him over the phone, his frustration and his level of boredom increases as he tries to reason with the customer. After hanging up the phone, he's called in by his boss, George Donovan and he's told that there's a client in Manhattan. George wants Warren to go to the Big Apple to meet with the client, who's name is Vera Mondale. Meanwhile, Mitchell Gammon, a full - time Boston University student applies to a job posting for a trainee for Warren's company.

He's interested by Warren's boss and gets the job. Mitchell meets Warren for the first time in his office. Warren isn't at all fazed by Mitchell's appearance. Not the least bit pleased or impressed. He tells Mitchell that his boss informed him recently that a trainee is going with him to New York City.

Warren informs Mitchell that he's the first trainee he had in the last nine years he have been there. Warren and Mitchell head to New York City by plane from Logan Airport. On the flight to Manhattan, Mitchell tells Warren about the meaning behind the business trip. Warren tells him that it's strictly business. He's going to teach Mitchell about the world of being a computer salesman.

Once they're in Manhattan, they check into the Hilton hotel. After settling in with their own luggage, Warren takes his business partner out to dinner. At the restaurant, Mitchell tells Warren about himself. But, Warren doesn't tell a whole lot about himself nor any sort of backstory. He mentions that he has a family living in Queens.

Warren also tells Mitchell that he hasn't been successful since the last two years in a row. The next day, the two men meet Vera. They discuss about the latest product that Warren has to offer to Vera. Vera's client, Bob Webster, meets both Warren and Mitchell in the building's cafeteria. Bob has high hopes for Warren, unbeknownst to the fact that Warren might be selling out everything for good.

Bob mentions to Warren and his partner that Vera has been in the business of computer technology for a while. He also tells the two men that the last few customers didn't last that long when another salesman failed to sell with the product, prompting him to go bust. Heading back to the Hilton, Warren and Mitchell goes over the product specialization for Bob. They realize that they may need to improve themselves better in order to sell the product. Instead of eating out, Warren decides to bring Mitchell to his parents' house for dinner.

Once they arrived, they are surprised to see Warren's parents along with his uncle and aunt, as well. At the dinner table, the family ridicules about Warren's upbringing. Mitchell wants to leave, but Warren refuses. This escalates into a vulgar insult that is made by Warren himself, forcing him to leave along with Mitchell, who tries his best to calm him down. Back at the Hilton, Warren goes over the documents that he brought with him for the trip while Mitchell reads along.

The next day, they go over the specifications for the product in Vera's office. Warren mentions that this might increase market sales if the sale is a success. Vera offers several indications of the race in thee company's market. From the evidence that they have, there might be a major setback for Warren's sale, which can have a impact on his job. She also tells Warren and Mitchell that they got three days to find a way to sell the product to the company.

She wants Warren to have a magnificent sale success. Warren calls George from Hilton and tells him that they're going to need to a few more days on the trip. He agrees, but he warns him about the potential risk of competition. Getting off the phone with his boss, Warren calls Vera at her office and asks her out on a date. Mitchell overhears this and tells Warren that he doesn't have a lot of time to find a way to impress Vera's client and sell.

Warren goes out with Vera and have dinner. The next day, he shows Vera the specific inside details of the product, yet she's skeptical about Warren's position in the sale. Mitchell, who's listening to the numerous exchanges between his trainer and his client, tells him that the numbers in the market went up. Warren feels that he has a small chance of selling through. George calls Vera's office and a three way conversation follows with Mitchell, Warren and Vera.

Mitchell reminds Warren that Bob's a determined professional and will either walk out or hear Warren out. With the odds stacked against him, Warren doesn't know what to do. Vera, who's charmed by Warren's idealism decides to go over to the hotel and check up on Warren's progress. His cynical behavior gets the best of him as he puts Vera down for everything she accomplish. She breaks down and tells him that she tried to put it all together and tries to hold onto it all.

Warren tells her that all of the things he accomplish have been gone to waste. He tells Vera that all his life, he's been lost in a world of blind ambition. Feeling sympathetic about his struggles, she spends the night with him. As morning comes up, Vera leaves as Warren gets ready for a new day. He tells Mitchell to go get some towels since he ran out.

Mitchell goes and gets the towels and discovers that Warren is about to commit suicide. He stops him and tries to reason with his disillusioned trainer that Vera loves him. This leads to Warren breaking down in tears. Vera tells Warren that she sent the specs to Bob. Once Vera gets off at work, she meets Warren in a dance studio and dances with him.

At the Hilton, Warren tells George that Bob got the specs. The next day, Warren meets Bob and is met with his approval. He wants Warren to present the product to his clients from Cleveland. That night, Warren puts together a PowerPoint presentation for Bob. The following day, Warren shows his presentation to Bob's clients.

Outside the conference room, Warren is met with critical praise for his outstanding work. Bob congratulates him on his success. He decides to use Warren's PowerPoint presentation for consideration and future references. Warren visits Vera's office, learning that she passed the news to his boss. Bidding Vera a farewell and a kiss, Warren heads back to Boston with Mitchell.

Before Mitchell and Warren part ways, he gives Mitchell a signed check, paying him for his work.

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