"A Century of Dreams"

Creator: Brian Brockway
Age rating: Everyone
An overly shy woman asks her 99-year-old grandfather to recount his life when he first came to San Francisco during the Gold Rush of 1849. In order to bring her out of her shell he will do it on one condition – that she writes a book about it.
Synopsis: “A Century of Dreams’ is the story of two different time periods with the same universal lesson of how to make one’s dreams come true. One actress could play both parts of grandmother and granddaughter in this story of personal growth. Etta Reinhardt, 26, an inordinately plain and shy woman, lives in 1927 San Francisco and is very close to her 99-year-old grandfather, John Reinhardt, a widower now for many years. The most exciting thing in Etta’s life right now is having completed the family tree for John’s 100th birthday but wishes to add a small chronicle of her grandparent’s life back when they first arrived to San Francisco in the Gold Rush of 1849. Knowing Etta has a dream for writing but is way too timid to pursue it as a career, John decides to inspire her to break out of her shell and makes a deal with her. He will tell his exciting life’s adventures over their nightly chess games but she must in return attempt to write a book about it.
“A Century of Dreams” spans nearly 80 years of dramatic history starting in Germany’s Revolution of 1848 when John is a university student. Being a fine horseman and a gentleman dandy, he is also quite an enthusiastic proponent of America and the freedom it represents. His nemesis, Prussian Colonel Becker is a man who lives for revenge and labels John a revolutionary after a fight causing John to flee to America. Once in New York, John meets the love of his life, Henrietta Halpern, whom he saves in a daring rescue when the spooked horses of her carriage careen out-of-control through the streets of New York. Falling in love they marry on the ship to San Francisco and share the dream to begin a store to equip miners arriving each day that includes Colonel Becker.
Between John’s stories we see Etta’s life in 1927. Living alone, she works as a secretary for a book publishing company that is starting a contest for new authors headed by the editor, dashing Stephen Jenkins. Something begins to change in Etta after hearing the many stories about her grandmother’s courage and pluck. Etta slowly starts to break out of her shell and begins to take chances like her grandmother. When she takes up the offer of a total makeover from her hairdresser neighbor she’s finally noticed for the first time in her life and even accepts a lunch date from Stephen that leads to a budding romance.
John’s stories take us through the decades as his business, family and San Francisco grow. From fighting racism against the Chinese to the threat of Becker’s evil vigilante group, John and Henrietta live through major joys and heartbreaks. But when Becker finally gets his ultimate revenge with the death of Henrietta at their daughter’s wedding, Etta knows she has finished her book and enters it into the contest. It’s a twist ending where both John and Etta win in more ways than one.
“A Century of Dreams” is a dramatic action that takes place both in the Wild West of San Francisco and the urbane 1920’s whose lesson transpires the ages in teaching us that in order to make our dreams come true we must take a chance in life.

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