Eyes of Darkness

Age rating: 13 and older
A priest must decide whether to exorcise the demon that inhabits his niece, or use the information it feeds him to catch a serial child killer.
Synopsis: The story is about a priest named Father Carl Garrett, who 15 years ago, attempted to exorcize a demon in a young boy which resulted in the boy's death. Now the same demon inhabits the body of his beloved niece, Sara, and, to complicate matters, knows the identity of a child serial killer who’s been plaguing Chicago for years. The demon provides Father Garrett with clues to the location of the killer and his identity in order to hold off an exorcism. Father Garrett must find a way to help the lead detective in the case, Tom Wolinski, in time to save his niece before the demon takes total control of her forever. To further complicate matters, the Catholic church forbids any priest near his niece. They feel the demon is too powerful to contend with, Garrett seeks the help of a Rabbi who has beaten it once before. As time runs out for Sara, Father Garrett learns the killer is another priest that was once a close friend. As the Rabbi attempts to free Sara from the demon, Father Garrett and Wolinski track the killer down before he can claim another victim, Wolinski’s son.

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  • Script 4 - Paul's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This version should be the last and hopefully RTF error free version.
    This version also addresses many of the problems reviewers had of the first version. Most of the exposition has been removed and character developing scenes added.
  • Script 1 - Paul's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    A story that combines the terror of "The Exorcist" with the suspense of "Silence of the Lambs". -------------

    Please do not read the review from Sal P. unless you have already read the story. He his a friend of mine, but his review is full of Spoilers.

    NOTE: Also, I was told there was a problem converting to RTF and some action lines came out as dialog that I missed.