Confessions of a Serial Killer by Takedownman (Proof of Concept )

Creator: Dale Gill
Age rating: 13 and older
This is the Concept for season 3 of COSK by popular YouTuber Takedownman. A horror creator with over 136,000 subscribers! In this season our serial killer gets worse than the other two in season 1 and two! Sure to make the movie "Saw" look like a Disney movie.
Synopsis: This series have haunted and kept many awake at night since season 1! "Confessions of a Serial Killer by Takedownman" has been said to be one of the most horrifying series produced. Now Takedownman wishes to take it to another level by putting faces to the killers and victims! With 50 killers left to go there will be carnage, blood and abominations everywhere!

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