Sangre De Cristo

Creator: Steve Encell
Age rating: 13 and older
An Anime style American Western where the heroes drink vampire blood
to become fast and strong enough to hunt vampires. The blood keeps
them from aging too but all of this comes with a price as their bodies
become addicted to the blood and they rapidly will die without it.
Synopsis: Jack Corbin is an American gunfighter hired to come to Sangre De
Cristo to bring in a family of murderers dead or alive. However
everything is turned upside down when he learns the family he is hired
to hunt down are actually vampires and that he is completely
outclassed and outgunned.

With the help of an Indian medicine man he learns to drink the blood
of the one vampire he has killed and become fast enough in the daytime
to take a vampire. The downside is his body will become addicted to
vampire blood and rapidly and painfully die if he does not keep
hunting vampires.

A mysterious young Asian woman hovers around all of this as she waits
to see the outcome. She is the 650 year old Iron Lotus who has been
hunting vampires for the Catholic church since the mid 1200s. She too
drinks vampire blood to kill vampires and this has stopped her own
aging process. She too now requires their blood to survive. She is a
master in martial arts and though quite attractive is also incredibly

If Jack can prove himself with these vampires here the Catholic church
will want her to team up with him to hunt more vampires.

What our heroes do not know is the Church is just using them until
they have eradicated vampires and then will hunt Jack and Iron Lotus
down as they are now considered part demonic themselves.

The vampires all have a human that drinks their blood and then
protects the vampires in the daylight. These blood drinkers are
called "halflings" and must be battled through to get to the vampires.

Our heroes can not hope to beat a vampire at night and must hide in
safe places such as churches when night falls then hunt again in the
daylight hours. Even then their edge is only slight and the danger is
always intense.

Because the heroes do not age this show can move forward in time for
some episodes too and one of the episodes we already have written takes
place in modern times where we follow a particularly unsavory vampire
who hunts down his teenage girl victims using social media.

Latest Work

  • Video 1
    Creative Notes:
    We have written screenplays for the entire first season but have
    animated this trailer to show the potential of what the show can look
    like. We are having our animation team in Thailand animate a 12
    minute pilot episode right now to give an even better idea of what it
    can look like. We have character designs and a show poster also
    available to send. This show could also be great as live action.
  • Script 3 - Steve's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    In this episode we see our heroes working together in what appears to be a classic Spaghetti Western shootout. However a sinister figure is watching as they do. When the gunfight is over we see this vampire spring his ambush on our heroes as vampires can move in daytime hours but are much slower and weaker. This episode will be finished animating by 12/15 to show more of what this series can be.

All Work

  • Script 2 - Steve's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    In this episode we see that the show can move into modern times too because our heroes do not age - The vampire blood they drink keeps them from aging. It also shows a particularly gruesome vampire and his unique feeding habits. This episode also introduces "The Fiend" who is the Holy Grail of vampires. If our heroes can kill her legend says they will stay immortal without drinking blood.
  • Script 1 - Steve's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is one of the scripts for season one of Sangre De Cristo. We have two more episodes also written that will come after this. We can send the other two episodes too if you would like. Thank you in advance. Steve