Be Scared

Creator: Matt Dunn
Age rating: 13 and older
A reincarnated witch changes her fate in the next life by waging a bloody war on her tormentors' children.
Synopsis: Everyone's a suspect to the murder of a group of bullies in the small town of Coal Creek, especially the 'witch' Beatrice Scaredowzski (Be Scared).

Despite CCTV footage putting the demented Be at the site of the first murder, there's no physical evidence linking her to the crime. A note proclaims more will die, and people who knew the bullied Be at school remember her vow to one day kill the first born children of her attackers.

The body count continues to mount, with note after note proclaiming more murders are planned. Detective Henry Hendrix is racing the clock to stop the killer/killers, but conflicting evidence leads him down dead end after dead end.

Two false arrests are made.

Meanwhile, Ben Pascoe, the son of deceased town legend and rock star Dave Pink, wonders whether he isn't the killer. Since his father died he has been sleepwalking a lot and waking up in the strangest of places. And he sure hasn't been treated too kindly by those who are being stabbed and hanged.

Be, who lives on nothing but road kill, seems to have a supernatural hold over things. Even if she's not directly killing the teens, it seems she may be forcing the hand of an unwitting murderer.

But who? And how to stop them?

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