"Other Side of The Moon"

Creator: Allen andrews
Age rating: Everyone
After happening upon an enclave of pintsize aliens and attempting to get someone to listen, the life of a sister and brother turn topsy-turvy who find their only friends are now aliens and their playground the stars.
Synopsis: Investigating a light in the sky, Becky, seven, and Brandon, ten, find dwarf-size space visitors camped in a hidden canyon. Disparaged by the lack of receptivity to the news, their human ties begin to erode as their alien connection strengthens. In the company of their new found friends, Branden and Becky are introduced to the wonders of the universe unaware that a sinister net is closing in around their hosts by opposing forces. When the net is sprung, they find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time that tests their nine-one-one ingenuity.

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