"A Quiet City"

A dying plastic surgeon passionate for Italian Renaissance art exacts horrific revenge against the new, young and shallow contemporary artists of Bologna, Italy.
Synopsis: Set in Old Medieval Bologna, Italy where there are no signs of modern life, just the old. lonely medieval buildings. The streets team with the lower class workers, hungry immigrants and tourists. The Bolognese High class insulates itself in guarded, protected communities. Dr. Murri, plastic surgeon, 45, is single and his life is built around his obsessive quest for beauty. From from his own rugged, handsome looks, to the beauty he crafts in his patients and his love for the beauty of fine art that surrounds him. From a old, noble family, he lives in a turn of the century country villa close to the Etruscan Necropolis. His wealthy father, the "Marquise" Federico, schooled him in classical Italian art and when he discovers to be slowly dying, he begins to exact his twisted revenge his on those vapid young artists of the city.

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