" The Pharaohs' Curse "

Creator: Nabeil El Leisy
Age rating: 13 and older
An expedition to Egypt uncovers a world of aliens inside the great pyramid.
Synopsis: Suzy and Michael are members of an expedition to Egypt which hopes to uncover the unknown chambers inside the great pyramid. When the expedition discovers a new chamber, a crazed and reanimated mummy attacks them .

Inside the great pyramid Suzy and Michael stumble upon a huge universal communication chamber which contains a UFO in the center . the UFO launches then flies off . Some mummies notice the couple and chase them. A friendly mummy shows up just in time and accompanies them to a smaller UFO.

After many chases inside and in front of the great pyramid, in the open desert, at sphinx, and at Karnak temple, the friendly mummy has transformed into a humanoid called Hotob.

Tot, the mummy boss, manages to capture the rebelling Hotob , and the couple in order to take them to his galaxy for a trial . A fierce battle takes place. Eventually, Suzy and Michael , with the help and support of Ted and Rusty, the CIA agents, manage to destroy tot and his army, and elude the flying plates, and get out of the great pyramid save and sound .

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