For The Love of Blood

Creator: Amina Warsuma
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
For The Love of Blood a short from The Amber Stone, Agent Zero spy series.
LOG LINE: A woman becomes involved in a love affair that dramatically alters her life.

Old Harlem, New York present Amber Stone, is an upcoming model. She’s living in the fast lane indulging in champagne, cocaine and wearing the latest fashions. Amber Stone lives off of her monthly allowance that she receives from her estranged father, Professor Stone a chemical warfare scientist in Washington, DC. Amber Stone desires to be successful she parties all night and sleeps all day burning the candles at both ends. Lonely and manless she and her BFF Dee go to the glamorous Den Bar where she meets Blood. Amber Stone doesn’t know that Blood is a criminal he’s bad to the bone. Blood sweeps her up into a powerful love affair that changes her life dramatically. Amber Stone wants to take their relationships to the next level.
Blood has to stay off the streets after Chang a big time drug dealer threatens to kill him. Amber Stone begs Chang not to kill him, and Chang puts his death threat on hiatus. Blood has time to think about his life path. Amber Stone pleads with Blood to leave the streets. She gives him $1500 to buy a business suit for his job interview. She goes to Washington on a photo shoot and to see her father Professor Stone. Amber Stone has to convince her father that Blood is an upcoming, law abiding, productive citizen. Blood betrays her he robs her bank and kills the Security Guard. The FBI arrest Amber Stone for bank robbery, conspiracy and possession of cocaine.
Blood escapes to South America, he gets a job with a Drug cartel run by Drug Lord Jose Banderos. The money from his Drug cartel supports terrorist activities and their attacks against the U.S. Government. The N.S.A, C.I.A and D.E.A all want Banderos but haven’t been successful in capturing him. Every Agent that has been sent to South America to infiltrate the Banderos organization has disappeared.
Amber Stone is the perfect candidate she’s forced to join the new Agent Zero Program. The U.S. Government is recruiting people who are at a crossroad in their life. Candidates who have illegal connections that are connected to Terrorist cells. Amber Stone becomes Agent Zero. She's sent to South America to rekindle her relationship with Blood and arrest Banderos. Blood’s love for his boss Banderos and his criminal career is greater than his love for Amber Stone. She has to make a painful choice in spite of her love for Blood she is forced to kill him.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - For The Love of Blood
    Creative Notes:
    Blood and his girlfriend Amber Stone are away on a romantic Holiday. Blood’s associates have a private party. Blood’s protege Cisco gets some unwanted advice. Everyone pays a price when they associate with Blood.