Stonki, The Trash Monster

Creator: Monny Maria
Age rating: Everyone

Salemo's World is an educative (35) episodes cartoon. The first episode is Stonki the Trash Monster. Kids learn about pollution and how it effects the environment. Wacht the 1rs Cartoon sample here:
Synopsis: …The world is your home just a little bit bigger.
Salemo'S World is an educative cartoon 35 Episodes to bring awareness for children giving them nice messages like protect our environment, don't steal, forgive each other, be kind and so on.
The first Salemo's adventure is about to keep our environment clean.
“My name is Stonki. Wherever I go, I leave garbage, stench, and dirt. Every time you throw garbage to the ground, you call us to come! When the wind blows, it blows all the garbage and makes us come alive.”

You can watch the cartoon sample on youtube

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