The Aviators

A down on his Luck Teen named, Nick Adler finds out on his 16th birthday he is next in line to to be come an "aviator” and he must protect the human world from his Dragon counter parts. Will the high school teen be up to task, or continue on living a normal life?
Synopsis: Nick Adler, starts off his day just a normal millennial teen, But that will change very quickly. When Nick Runs down the stair to grab his lunch for school from his mother loving Mother, Step Father, That Nick believes is his real father, Gives him a hard time about being in the shower for to long. Nick has a poor relationship with him, and tries to avoid him at all cost. Nick Grab his lunch from his mother she reminds him to be home right after school since tonight is his 16th birthday, Nick says he will and heads for the door. Once Nick gets outside Nick`s Two Little sister, That mess everything thing up for him. Throws some water balloons at him. He yells at them for nearly hitting. Nick them Jumps on his red moped to head off to school. Nick pulls into his parking place at school to find out that even at school you can escape your problems. Nick finds a note hanging on the fence next to his parking space at school that says a loser parks here, Nick sigh to himself saying it's going to be a long day. Nick makes it to his final class of the day which is biology, the subject matter of that month is “birds of prey”, Nick is sitting at his desk drawing on a piece of paper a sketch of his father being attacked by a huge eagle. Nicks biology teacher Ms Miller picks up that he's not paying attention in calls on him for a question, Nick frantically trying to think of an answer but he gets it wrong. Ms Miller ask she stay after class to talk about his poor performance, after the bell rings Nick tries to sneak out but Ms Miller stops him before he gets out the door. She asked him about why his grades are so bad and Nick really doesn't have the best answer. She ask Nick when is he going to turn in his topic for his research paper. Nick tell Ms Miller that he hasn't really thought of it, she exclaims that part of the project is due tomorrow. She then decides to assign Nick a topic to do his research paper on his cousin Christopher Adler who has a “raptor recovery barn” is his backyard. Nick decides to except the topic and he'll go over after school if Ms Miller promises not to fail him. Nick leaves the room to go to his locker. When he is walking in the hallway he Runs into ZACK ZANDER, A 17 year old, High school football player, that Bullies Nick, Knox next books out of his hand and onto the floor of the hallway. Zack tells Nick to watch where he's going and Nick talks back to him, this causes Zack to go off on Nick and thrown up against his locker. The high school principal sees this and decides tell Zack's football coach what he just did for punishment. Zack lets go of Nick, and walkway. Nick then begins to pick up his books and KAYLA, a Pretty 16 year old girl, who is not really popular who really likes nick, Kayla is a Hawk aviator, Helps Nick pick up his books. Kayla tells Nick that he shouldn't put up with that, and Nick just is it off.

Nick heads over to his cousin Christopher Adler's mansion after school, when he arrives and Christopher greats him the doors of his mansion, Christopher is wearing a white lab coat with a black falconry glove, The Tall 26 year old Tells Nick to come in and he has been expecting him.
Once in Side Christopher calls for Avery to come, AVERY ALDER Is Christopher Wife, She Is Stuck in A normal Size bald Eagle Form Because of a Spell. Christopher then continues to give Nick a tour of the barn, explaining all the different procedures that it takes to take care of these birds. Nick takes several notes, after all the note taking Nick leaves to head home.

Once Nick gets home he is meant by his mother is wondering why Nick is so late. She then brings out the birthday cake and Nick sisters come out and they start singing the happy birthday song, Nick stepfather then comes in and is angry that Nick is so late Nicks stepfather takes nicks birthday cake and throws it on the floor and tell him to go to his room for being so late. Nick goes to his room and anger and goes to bed. Nick then has “the dream”, and aviator by the name of DARVELL, an anthropomorphic golden eagle, tells Nick that it is his time, Nick doesn't understand this and wakes up from the dream,

The next day in school Nick tells Kayla about the deam, Kayla ask Nick to tell Jon and Robert, other Aviators about the dream, once Nick tells them about it they tell Nick not to talk to anyone else about the dream, it doesn't understand this but he does comply, later on that night and Nick is finishing up his homework and decides to play some video games, his stepfather decides to come in and check his homework, he is not pleased with the idea that Nick did his homework on his cousin and tells him to do it again, is upset over this and feels a large pain, Nick then begins his anamorphic transformation into his aviator form, at 6 foot Bald eagle, Like Christopher. Nick realizes he has to get out of his room real quick, he jumps out the window and runs into the woods, Kayla is able to find Nick and takes him to christopher's mansion. Christopher that explains everything to Nick he gives him his necklace that allows him to connect to his element. Nicks birth element is fire, if her then gives him the guide to study, so Nick can learn how to use his powers. Then goes back home that night and goes right to bed, wakes up in the morning thinking that it all was a dream, when he walks into the bathroom his eyes are yellow like an Eagle eye, He then goes and looks where he laid the book and starts to look through it for the answer he is able to change his eyes back to normal.

Later that Day Nick and Kayla go for a hike so they can have some private time in the woods to talk about the “aviators” Kayla shows Nick some of her powers, by cutting a waterfall and a half, when Nick tries to do something with fire he falls off of rock in a swept away by the river Kayla then has to go save Nick, once Kayla saves Nick he kisses her. Kayla kisses back but then realizes it's wrong. Kayla runs off into the woods and take to the skies, Nick just hikes back to his moped

Kayla explains to Christopher what happened the waterfall, Christopher warren Her that is she needs to keep an eye out for Nick because more powerful with the kiss. Nick is in his room still studying his guide when his sister comes in Nick pushes her out of his room not realizing how much power he has, his father is upset that he hurt his sister and kicks him out of the house, Nick then decides to move in with christopher, ,Christopher then decides that it's time to have some serious training with Nick so the whole team leads on a camping trip, for leaves it up to Kayla to do the training with Nick and Nick moves to his next level, becoming an official aviator

As the time gets closer when the dragons open the portal they set fire to the city of Gatlinburg the team has to go out and as people make it through the fire, well at this time Nick stepfather leaves his mother and sisters in the fire to burn, Nick mother and sister make it out to the eagle home world, Nick finds out that his mother and sister were left behind he gets upset and decides to quit the Aviators. Nick runs away but finds , that his stepfather has is a dragon soldier, and left his Mother and Sister to burn on purpose

Kayla, Jon and Robert show up at the portal to stop Zack and other Dragon soldiers, The team try to stop Zack but they are not powerful enough to stop them without Nick. Zack is able to paralyze the aviators leaving them defenseless on the ground, A dragon shows up to take over the fight so Zack and the other can and continue with the next phase of the crossover begins Zack and the other dragon soldiers are turned into statues, At this time Nick shows up to help out the others, Nick then flight the fire dragon, knock the dragon into the portal where he is incinerate it, the team thinks they have won but the Zander appears. Team has to give it all they have to stop him from crossing over into the human world, an they succeed

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