Creator: DERRICK Shaw
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
When a down and out divorcee wins a million dollar, his ex-wife will stop at nothing to get her hands on the winnings.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: We share the struggle that John goes through in his everyday life. He lives in a little cramped apartment with very little amenities. The neighborhood in which he lives is less that family oriented. The car is drives is unreliable while at the same time, his job is not quite how he imagined.
John and Darrel gather their equipment, jump into the company truck and proceed to their destination. They arrive at what appears to be normal neighborhood and begin their work. At work, their conversation moves across a variety of subjects, and John prepares to enter a manhole. While underground, the Darrel is approached by a pair of armed thugs who demand John to come to street surface and give up his wallet.
John refuses to come up and Darrel is assaulted by one of the gun men, Chris. John still refuses to come up to street surface so the other hoodlum, Wayne, decides to go down the manhole and handle his business with John. On the way down the manhole, Wayne slips off the ladder and falls. Seeing that Wayne is in trouble, Chris loses his nerve, runs down the street and jumps on a bus. John rushes up the manhole and replaces the cover, leaving Wayne unconscious below. The police arrive at the scene, and John and Darrel are arrested. If the day could not get any worse, the two of them are suspended for their antics at the work site.
A short while later, the duo enters a convenience store. John flirts with the very attractive cashier, Sing Lee, purchases a scratch off and realizes that he has a winning lottery ticket. In the midst of the celebration, Sing's grandfather, Jaimal appears from the back of the store and questions the commotion. Sing advises Jaimal that John has purchased a winning lottery ticket from the store. Jaimal examines the lottery ticket, accuses John of being dishonest and confiscates the lottery ticket. John lunges at the old man and a fight ensues. John is beaten mercilessly by Jaimal and the police and rescue teams are called in. Jaimal eventually apologizes for the altercation and returns the lottery ticket to John. As John licks his wounds, he makes plans for his lottery prize. Life is looking better! Or so John thinks. What John doesn't know is that Darrel's wife, Tiffany has contacted John's ex-wife, Erica to advise her of John's good fortune. Now Erica is making plans to get her hands on John the lottery ticket.
John is back at the apartment continuing with his renovations and reflecting on the day’s events. Just 8 hours ago, John was at his breaking point. Who would have thought that a botched attack and robbery on himself and Darrel would land them in a jail across from a bodega where he would buy a MILLION dollar lottery ticket? Today is a good day! Or is it?
Shortly after dark, there was a knock on the door of John's apartment. He opens the door to find his ex-wife Erica holding a bottle of wine and wearing a skimpy tight dress that barely covers her butt. Erica enters the bedroom and begins to make nice with John but he refuses her advances. Erica persists. The two talk for a while drink some wine and begin to get busy. While Erica is distracted, John steals her cell phone from her purse and finds out that Erica has been in contact with Tiffany. As suspected, John has been set up. What he didn't expect was that Erica would go to extreme measures to get her hands on the lottery ticket. John blacks out.
The next morning John is awaken by Darrel. The apartment has been ransacked and Erica was nowhere to be found. Although she did a great job of drugging John and destroying his palatial slum of a room, she was unsuccessful at locating the lottery ticket. Before anything else could go wrong, John and Darrel begin their trek to Harrisburg PA to cash in that lottery ticket. But first, John insists on stopping by the bodega to see Sing, and then it’s off to the State House.
John and Darrel arrive at the Lottery Commission and prepare to cash in the lottery ticket. While in the lobby, they are met by Erica, and her attorney, Fred Shillings. John is advised that he and Erica were married last night. A dark cloud hovers over John's head...
As the events of the previous night unfold, John realizes that Erica slipped him a mickey, and had Fred perform a marriage ceremony for them while he was unconscious, all in an elaborate plan to get her hands on the money. Consumed with rage, John blacks out and pounces on Erica. He grabs her by the throat and proceeds to choke her - thus leading to his arrest and imprisonment.
That evening, Darrel bails John out of jail. John is uncertain of what tomorrow will bring, but he is certain of one thing, Sing Lee. John makes plans to spend the evening with Sing despite the fact that he and Erica appear to be legally married.
Later that night, John and Sing enjoy dinner at the Ritz Carlton. They discuss past relationships, careers, family and the future. After a magical night, John and Sing decide on a private dessert. They leave the restaurant and head for John's apartment only to find that Erica is holed up inside. A confrontation ensues between Erica and Sing. Erica drops the bomb on Sing that she and John are married. Feeling betrayed and confused Sing storms out of the apartment. John is crushed.
The next day, John visits Sing at her store and tries to make sense of last night. The conversation ends with John being knocked out cold by Jaimal. He wakes up at the apartment with Erica, Mark, Ebony and her boyfriend, Chris. Darrel then enters the apartment. Chris notices Darrel from the robbery and soon realizes that he and John are the telephone men that he and Wayne ran up on a few days earlier. Chris is feeling lightheaded. Afraid of being found out, he decides to exit the apartment through the bathroom window and runs straight to Wayne’s house.
Wayne is a college bound student turned drug dealer who has had more than his share of run in's with the law. Wayne needs to get some money together quickly to avoid returning to jail. Chris pays Wayne a visit and offers him a solution to his money problems - the lottery ticket. Wayne decides that he wants a piece of the lottery pie and devises a plan to get it. He clearly underestimates Erica, and before he knows it he becomes part of a tangled web of deception.
Wayne arrives at Erica's door dressed to nines in his “corporate thug” attire. Erica is neither fazed nor impressed with Wayne and slams the door in his face. Agitated by Erica's lack of respect, Wayne regroups, bursts thru the door and threatens Erica. Turned on by Wayne's aggression, animal magnetism takes over and the two begin to make wild passionate love.
Later, Erica arrives at John's apartment to have a candid conversation about their current state of affairs. In the midst of the discussion, they are visited by love interests, Wayne and Sing. Eager to prove his undying love for her, Wayne agrees to carry out a plan to remove Sing from the equation. At the same time, John and Sing are sharing a tender, heart-to-heart moment, which causes John to assess whether fighting with Erica over money is worth his time and happiness.
Needing clarity, John pays a visit to his mother. At the same time, Wayne and Erica are at the convenience store preparing to kidnap Sing. Their plan however is foiled by Jaimal, who catches Wayne from behind and beats him unmercifully.
The next day John, Erica and Fred are at the Lottery Commission. John signs over the lottery ticket to Eric in exchange for his peace of mind. As they prepare to leave, Erica is approached by detectives and arrested for the attempted kidnapping of Sing Lee.
John leaves the Lottery Commission and Erica's foolishness behind with no regrets. He heads back to Philly with his mind on his prize, Sing Lee.

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  • Script 1 - DERRICK's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Blue collar worker loses his shirt in the divorced. Between alimony and child support, he barely has enough to treat himself to any extras. His luck all changes when he wins a million dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket. Now his luck goes from bad to worse.

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